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Eight myths about Traumatic Brain Injury Infographic

Written by CFG Law, 10 September 2015

Infographic: 8 myths about Traumatic Brain Injury

Many people do not fully understand the effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury and can become confused by it. As it is a 'hidden' injury, often people will appear to be ok, but actually there are lots of effects that can have a huge impact on a persons' life.

Here's our info-graphic on myths surrounding Traumatic Brain Injuries and what people can think compared to the reality.

If you, or a loved one, have sustained a brain injury our expert solicitors could help you. We can help you to receive a bespoke treatment plan to aid your recover and get yours and your families' lives back on track. Call us today on 0800 612 8196.




Success in appealing a CICA claim following a spinal cord injury

This case study is an example of a difficult Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority claim, where we have successfully appealed the CICA decision following two rejections.

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