Victoria Cox, Associate Solicitor

Victoria Cox, Associate SolicitorVictoria is an Associate Solicitor at CFG Law.  Since joining us back in 2004 she has shown outstanding care to all of her clients, fighting relentlessly for justice on their behalf.

Victoria always strives to do her best for everyone – clients and colleagues.  She is a real people person, friendly and down-to-earth with a great sense of humour.

Working at CFG Law is not just a job for Victoria, it’s a full-time vocation that she has found enriches her life in many ways.

Victoria always goes the extra mile to ensure the best solution, care and conclusion for clients at all times.  She is a true Champion of the People and believes ‘What is the World, if not for the People’.

Extremely good at...

  • Providing clients with a feeling of security and fighting for them every step of the way.
  • Gaining access to justice for those in need.
  • Championing people and always putting them first.

Favourite things about working at CFG Law...

  • The great team of people we have working together and supporting each other.
  • The ethos of the company and putting the needs and wellbeing of clients at the heart of everything we do.
  • Practical problem-solving at every point of a case.

Interested in...

  • Accidents abroad and the complex nature of handling these cases and the many different levels of understanding – which certainly keeps Victoria interested (and, let’s face it, what other job lets you look at travel brochures in working hours?!).
  • Gardening, real and craft ales, interior design, music and colour!

“Victoria Cox was helpful and friendly.  She made me feel completely relaxed.  She guided me and explained every process.  Reassured me and put me totally at ease.  I would recommend Miss Cox and your company to others.  Impressed! “ S.J.

“I am highly satisfied with the service and result.  Thank you for the time, understanding and patience.  To Victoria, thank you for everything, you helped me to cope.” Y.M.