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The claim process

We will help access funding to put in place early treatment and support so that you have the best chance of rebuilding your life more quickly.

CFG Law exists to help those affected by injuries – together. We always do our best to help whatever the enquiry, utilising our expertise and experience.

As well as being contacted by those injured, we are frequently contacted by friends and family members and others involved, including healthcare professionals. We always help when we can. All initial advice is free without obligation and entirely confidential.


First steps

Initial contact is often from a family member or the injured person. We always provide confidential, no obligation initial advice which is usually followed by a visit to the family home or hospital.

At the initial meeting, we encourage our potential clients and their families to speak openly and freely and ask lots of question and we listen carefully. We explain how we can help, including the benefits of pursuing a claim with us which are often unexpected, for example, the help our Client Support Managers are able to provide.

We also fully advise on the legal aspect of pursuing a claim including prospects of success and how we are paid.


Putting the team together

When a potential client and their family are happy for us to proceed, we put a team together led by a Senior Solicitor which is likely to include another Solicitor as well as a Trainee Solicitor or Paralegal, together with one of our Client Support Managers.

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Case planning and goal setting

Right from the start, we establish with our clients and their families their immediate needs and goals which we revisit and update as circumstances and priorities change. We do this to ensure that we focus on what our clients need and what is important to them.

We prepare integrated legal and rehabilitation case plans which we agree with our clients. Tasks are allocated to members of the team to ensure progress is made in respect of all aspects of the claim, working towards settlement at the earliest appropriate opportunity.



Good communication is essential to the success of any claim. We keep our clients fully informed in respect of all aspects of their claim and advise them fully upon the risks and benefits of any decision that needs to be made.

We establish how and when our clients prefer to be contacted to suit them.

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We understand the needs of the injured person and their family. Our aim is to provide full support every step of the way and make the process stress free.

Obtaining funds for early rehabilitation

We contact the relevant insurers involved in each claim at the earliest opportunity and attempt to resolve any issue on liability, as well as seek their agreement to fund early rehabilitation and provide an initial interim payment to meet immediate financial and medical needs.

In the meantime, our Client Support Managers help and we provide emergency funding to assist where needed.


How we are paid

We operate on a no win no fee basis which means we are not paid on cases we lose but are paid on successful cases. We advise each client fully on all terms and conditions at the initial meeting.

Accreditations and achievements

Our award-winning solicitors has over 30 years’ experience, and is proud to be recognised by a number of expert organisations.

When your world is turned upside down after a catastrophic or serious injury, see how CFG Law can help you get your life back on track and enable you to achieve your best outcome and lead a fulfilled life.

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