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Brain Injury Bites. Bite-size podcasts helping brain injury survivors

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The early days after a brain injury

16 November 2021

Journey in the hospital of a brain injury survivor

16 November 2021

Dealing with fatigue and the importance of rest af...

23 November 2021

Memory problems after a brain injury

30 November 2021

Experiencing problems with concentration and atten...

7 December 2021

Coming to terms with a brain injury

14 December 2021

Socialising after a brain injury

21 December 2021

Comparing yourself to others after a brain injury

4 January 2022

The impact on family and friends after a brain inj...

11 January 2022

The importance of esteem after a brain injury

18 January 2022

Dating and relationships after a brain injury

25 January 2022

Depression after a brain injury

1 February 2022

See the hidden me!

17 May 2022

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