Why choose us

We take a different approach to personal injury claims.

Why choose CFG Law?

We work with our clients and their families, healthcare professionals, insurers and each other, focusing on helping each client achieve their goals, supporting and guiding them every step of the way.

Our aim is for each client to be able to lead as happy and fulfilling a life as possible, secure in the knowledge they have sufficient funds to do so for the rest of their lives.

Working with healthcare professionals

We have never undertaken clinical or medical negligence claims. We support the NHS. We frequently assist healthcare professionals in and out of the NHS. In particular, we often assist and support the process of discharging our clients from hospital back to their homes.

Working with insurers

We increasingly find that insurers are prepared to assist with funding early rehabilitation and support and we aim to engage with them on behalf of our clients at the earliest opportunity.

Achieving goals

We discuss and revisit each client’s needs and goals with them on a regular basis and ensure we maintain a focus on meeting them throughout.

We achieve great results in good time through the use of detailed case planning incorporating both legal and rehabilitation matters, resulting in fully integrated plans.

Helping with your personal injury claim is only part of our service – helping you to get your life back on track after a serious injury is our primary aim.

Why choose CFG Law?

We take a different approach. We will listen and understand the needs of the injured person and their family. Our focus is on helping clients access early funding for treatment, support and comprehensive rehabilitation, as well as providing excellent legal advice and guidance every step of the way.


Expert legal representation with over 30 years’ experience and recommended by the Legal 500.


A proactive approach to treatment, rehabilitation and support. Complementing NHS right from the start.


A team approach helping those affected by working together.


Completely independent, acting in your best interests at all times.

“We have found the team to be very supportive and attentive. The friendly support provided has made the whole process so much easier for us.” E. Spacey

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