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What can spinal cord injury compensation help pay for?

A claim for compensation can help fund your ongoing support and treatment after a spinal cord injury. Even while your claim is ongoing, we will ask the defendant solicitors for interim payments as soon as we can. These are payments that you get as soon as possible before your case has settled that can help pay for any suggested treatment, help with financial worries you might have, and to put in place a full treating and care team.

We can help you to claim compensation to:

  • Gain access to the best treatment, support and rehabilitation
  • Fund counselling, medical treatment and ongoing therapy
  • Purchase and maintain wheelchairs, mobility aids and equipment
  • Fund vocational support to help you to get back to work
  • Help with money worries about paying your rent, bills or mortgage if you can’t work

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How much compensation can I claim for a spinal cord injury?

Valuing a spinal cord injury claim can be difficult. We’ll arrange appointments with the best experts (for example barristers, medical experts and financial advisors) to work with us to make sure we’re claiming everything we can for you and that all your future needs are met. The exact amount of compensation for a spinal cord injury will depends on lots of things which we’ll talk about with you.

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What happens if your case is being transferred to another company?

In some circumstances, your current solicitor may advise you your claim is being transferred to another company. This may be because the personal injury department or firm is closing down or has been bought out (merged) with another company.

It is important to remember that it is your choice which firm of solicitors you would like to continue with your claim. You should research reputable, serious injury solicitors and choose a firm that is right for you and not necessarily stay with the new firm or company that has been recommended.

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Common reasons for changing solicitors

There are many different reasons and circumstances where it may be necessary to change your solicitor. The most common reasons that people transfer their cases to us include:

  • Concerns over the experience of their solicitor and/or the firm: You should always choose a solicitor who specialises in serious injury claims and has experience dealing with your specific injuries and accident circumstances.
  • Poor levels of service and communication: This can include not keeping you up to date with where your claim is up to, having to chase your solicitor for information or not receiving the levels of service you expect.
  • Lack of focus on the injured person’s needs and wellbeing: Your solicitor should provide you with all the support you and your family need. They should assist you in accessing any treatment and rehabilitation you need and help you to achieve your best outcome.
  • Losing confidence in your solicitor and the advice they give you: If you are not sure about the information they are giving you or you feel like it’s not correct, you should always get a second opinion from another specialist solicitor.
  • Feeling as though there are unnecessary delays in your case or there is a lack of progress: Your solicitor should work proactively to push your case forward, and not just work to deadlines put in place by others.

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How can I set up a Personal Injury Trust?

Our specialist solicitors can help you and provide all the information you need about setting up a Personal Injury Trust. They can make all the necessary arrangements to set up the Trust for you, as well as acting as a professional Trustee if this is the best option for you and your family.

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