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Shortfall fees


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No hidden fees

With CFG, you get a guarantee. No hidden fees and no potential conflicts of interest.

We only represent those affected by injury. We’re proud to be acknowledged specialists in serious injury and court of protection law. And we only work for claimants.

So that means we have no corporate clients and no possible conflicts. No insurer relationships, no possible conflicts. And we never work for defendants, only claimants. Guided by our purpose, helping those affected by injury – together, our focus is always on you and those around you.

We also will never take unnecessary deductions from your damages. That means you’ll never have deductions taken from your damages for shortfall. Some firms take a different view to us when a court tells them their costs are too high and awards them a lower figure. They go back to their client and take the balance – the amount the court wouldn’t award them – from their client’s damages.

We think that’s wrong. We believe in fairness and that people who have sustained an injury deserve the maximum amount of their damages. So we give you a guarantee – we’ll never take shortfall costs from you.

And we want to go further. We’re determined to lead our sector to better so it always acts in the interests of those affected by injury. That’s why we’ll be campaigning for shortfall deductions to be banned.

We also don’t charge success fees on all serious injury work for the same reason. Other firms can if they wish but we’re focused on outcomes not profit. 

So with CFG, that’s what you’ll get. Always.

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