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Brain injury solicitors

Brain injuries can have a devastating impact on everyday life. Even small knocks to the head can result in damage to the brain.

The brain is an intricate and incredible organ, but due to its complexity, injuries can be extremely serious.

After a brain injury, it is crucial that you and your family seek advice from a specialist brain injury solicitors who understand the importance of early assessment, rehabilitation and support.

From day one we pull together with you and your family to provide the ongoing legal, financial, physical and emotional support you need to get your lives back on track.

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We chose CFG Law and their team as they were very helpful when we were researching companies to work with. I have to say they have been brilliant from day one and the whole team has supported our family through every single step of this difficult process. The one thing that set them apart was the way they talked to us and understood what we were going through, and they got to know our whole family from the offset.

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Diagnosing brain injuries

Sometimes, a brain injury can be classified as ‘mild’ where no sign of damage can be detected on a scan, despite there being a head injury. CT scans will not always detect a brain injury and therefore these types of injuries can often be missed or misdiagnosed.

It is expected that the majority of those who sustain a mild brain injury will recover quickly. For some, they will continue to experience symptoms and this can feel anything but mild. It is important that you or your loved one’s symptoms are monitored and assessed by a specialist to help with a diagnosis and treatment plan if needed.

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Early treatment and support after a brain injury

As specialist brain injury solicitors, we understand that claiming compensation can give a lifeline to families. Statistics show that early access to rehabilitation and support will help achieve the best outcomes, having a direct impact on your recovery time, independence and quality of life.

Whilst you or your loved one are still in the hospital, we can meet with you to discuss how we can help and ensure you feel comfortable with your solicitor. We will work closely with the hospital to ensure all areas of treatment are covered. We work with the treating teams to see if there is anything we can help fund where there is no immediate provision available to help you, such as Neuropsychology, Neuro-physiotherapy, or assistive technology.

On discharge home, we can also make a considerable difference to you and your family’s quality of life. We will continue to visit and help with planning for life. We offer ongoing mental, physical health and wellbeing support, helping families to live fulfilled lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to claim compensation for a brain injury plus symbol minus symbol

If you, or a loved one, have sustained a head injury and you are seeking compensation, the first step is to speak to a specialist solicitor.

At CFG Law, we offer a FREE no obligation help and advice service. We will explain the legal aspect and benefits of pursuing a claim and the chance of success.

Can I claim compensation on behalf of a loved one? plus symbol minus symbol

Yes. If, as a result of the brain injury, the person is not able to manage their own compensation claim, then a family member or friend may act on their behalf. In doing so, they take on the role of ‘Litigation Friend’ and will act on behalf of the victim.

How long do I have to make a brain injury claim? plus symbol minus symbol

You may be entitled to make a compensation claim for a brain injury if the injury happened within the last 3 years. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule - for children, the maximum time allowed is 3 years after they turn 18. The time frame in which you are entitled to make a compensation claim for a brain injury is extended if the injured person loses the capacity to make their own decisions. In law, capacity is defined as having the ability to make decisions for yourself. If a loved one sadly dies from the result of a brain injury, a family member or representative of their estate may make a compensation claim on their behalf up to 3 years from the date of their death.

What can compensation help fund? plus symbol minus symbol

The compensation claims process can help fund the costs and expenses incurred as a result of a head injury, including

  • Funding for ongoing care, support and rehabilitation
  • Private treatment and physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy and specialist equipment
  • Adaptations to your car or home
  • Loss of earnings and wages

How much compensation can I claim for a brain injury? plus symbol minus symbol

Brain injury compensation claims can vary quite drastically based on the severity of the injuries you have sustained. For instance, some cases are settled for millions of pounds, which provides for lifelong care and support, both for the injured person and their family.

Why Choose CFG Law?

We take a different approach. We will listen and understand the needs of the injured person and their family. Our focus is on helping clients access early funding for treatment, support and comprehensive rehabilitation, as well as providing excellent legal advice and guidance every step of the way.

We pull together with you and your family to support you with expert legal advice, financial assistance including benefits advice and emergency funds, physical help with early intervention for treatment, rehabilitation and therapies, as well as emotional and psychological support for the whole family.

When your world is turned upside down after a catastrophic or serious injury, see how CFG Law can help you get your life back on track and enable you to achieve your best outcome and lead a fulfilled life.

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