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Orthopaedic injury case studies

£3.5 million settlement for mother who sustained severe orthopaedic injuries


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Rebecca* sustained serious orthopaedic injuries to her hip and pelvis when she was involved in a road traffic collision with an uninsured driver. The driver of the other car died as a result of the collision. Rebecca’s husband and children were also in the car at the time. We successfully secured £3.5 million settlement for Rebecca to help her to purchase a new adapted bungalow and improve her mobility, independence and quality of life.


Due to the severity of her injuries, Rebecca had to spend several months at an inpatient rehabilitation unit, away from her partner and children. This put a huge strain on her partner, as he had to manage everything on his own.

  • Rebecca’s mobility was limited due to her injuries, and the family home was no longer suitable for her needs.
  • She also couldn’t go back to her career working with children, which she was passionate about.
  • Rebecca’s partner had to give up work to care for her and the children due to her complex needs.

How we helped

As soon as Rebecca was out of the inpatient rehabilitation unit, we arranged for a case manager to help the family with several different areas.

  • The case manager arranged specialist treatment for Rebecca to aid her recovery, and looked into childcare options to make sure the children had the care they needed.
  • A taxi account was also arranged to support Rebecca’s mobility and to help get the children to and from school and other activities.
  • We worked with the defendant insurers to agree interim payments (payments injured people can receive whilst their case is ongoing to help pay for support) to fund this case manager involvement.

Results and outcome

We gathered lots of evidence in the case to show what Rebecca would need to live as an independent life as possible. With negotiations, we secured £3.5 million for Rebecca so that she can now move forward with her life.

  • This settlement will now allow Rebecca to purchase an adapted bungalow to help with her mobility and to spend time with her children.
  • It will also give her and her family financial security now and into the future as Rebecca can’t return to work.

*not their real name

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