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Over £2.4 million for David after his motorbike crash


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David* sustained a traumatic brain injury and orthopaedic injuries when a car crashed into him while he was out riding his motorbike. We secured over £2.4 million for David to fund the ongoing support package he needs, as well as financial support for his loss of earnings and costs for a Professional Deputyship to help him manage his finances into the future.

The challenges faced by David

Because of how serious his injuries were, David had to stay in the hospital for three months, and the hospital was far away from where all his family lived. This put a huge strain on them financially being able to visit David.

  • David experienced many ongoing symptoms because of his injuries, including memory difficulties, problems with fatigue, speech problems and behavioural problems. These symptoms meant it was unlikely that David would return to his previous job.
  • He also felt anxious around people and stopped spending time with others, which meant he became isolated.

How we helped with these challenges

We helped David’s family straightaway by using our emergency fund to help pay for their travel expenses so they could keep visiting him in the hospital. After he left the hospital, we involved a case manager who put in place physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and neurospychology.

  • We worked together with the insurance company who were representing the other side to get ongoing interim payments (payments that are received while a case is ongoing before any settlement has been agreed) to pay for David’s ongoing treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Because of the intensive input David received, he managed to get back to living on his own again.
  • David’s occupational therapist and case manager also supported him in returning to work at his previous company but in a new role.

The results and outcome

We managed to secure over £2.4 million in compensation for David less than three years after he sustained his injuries.

  • This settlement will now fund all the ongoing care and support David will need for the rest of his life.
  • It will also ease the financial pressures David was feeling by not being able to return to his previous job and profession.
  • We also put in place a support package for David to help him to access his local community when not at work to combat his social anxiety and isolation.

*not his real name

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