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Over £2.6 million for Philip after a cycling collision


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Philip* was knocked off his bike when he was out cycling, resulting in a traumatic brain injury and other broken bones and bruising across the rest of his body. He couldn’t go back to work and was worried about how his injuries would impact his family life. We secured over £2.6m in compensation for Philip to help him access the treatment he needed to get back to the things he loves.

The challenges faced by Philip

When we first spoke to Philip and his family, one of their main worries was about where Philip was going to go after the hospital, and how he could get the best treatment to help him with his recovery. They were also worried about how they were going to pay the bills and get by because Philip couldn’t work and bring any money in.

  • Philp is a grandad and enjoyed going swimming with his grandchildren and reading stories to them. He was worried his relationship with them would be impacted by his injuries because he was no longer as active and was struggling with his speech.
  • Cycling was a hobby that Philip loved, so he really wanted to get back on his bike.

How we helped with these challenges

After meeting with the family, we realised they needed lots of support and we used our emergency fund to pay for a case manager, who supported them from the start in making sure Philip went to a specialist neuro rehabilitation centre when he left hospital, meaning he had the specialist input he needed for his injuries.

  • We worked with the defendant solicitors from the get-go to get funding through interim payments for the specialist support Philip needed and to help with the financial pressures the family were feeling.
  • While his case was ongoing, Philip had a whole team of people around him helping his recovery, including neuropsychology, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and neurophysiotherapy.

The results and outcome

We carried on getting interim payments throughout the whole of Philip’s case so he had the very best treatment in place and could maximise his recovery from the earliest possible stage. It also meant a support package could be put in place when Philip returned home which helped him to continue with his recovery and make sure he enjoyed a quality of life as independently as possible.

  • Specialist neurophysiotherapy meant that Philip could get back on his bike using a peloton bike which was bought using money we got for him before his case had settled and he could go back to swimming with his grandchildren, both of which were incredibly important to him.
  • Philip also worked with a speech and language therapist to help with his speech, which meant he could then read stories for his grandchildren again.
  • His case settled for over £2.6m, meaning that Philip and his family can move forward with their lives, knowing that all the support and treatment Philip needs can be paid for.

*not his real name

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