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CFG. More than law. The next stage of our journey 


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From today, CFG Law becomes simply CFG. And why? Because our services to clients who have sustained a serious injury and their families are about so much more than just law.

So from now on, we are CFG – more than law.

The change goes all the way back to the purpose on which CFG has always been based: helping those affected by injury – together.

To deliver our purpose, we need to offer more than just legal services. We need to go further. And our new positioning – more than law – reflects the three key elements of CFG which will enable us to do that.

  • Industry-leading legal services will of course remain at our core. We’re proud to be specialists in serious and catastrophic injury, clinical negligence and Court of Protection. And we have the experience, the expertise and the empathy to ensure our clients and those around them get the best possible outcomes with no unnecessary delays, including a proactive and productive approach to gaining vital interim payments.
  • Our wraparound support takes us beyond legal services and enables us to help those affected by injury. Our clinically-trained rehabilitation and support co-ordinators help people who have sustained a serious injury every day to access the care and advice they need on issues such as rehabilitation, social services, benefits, physio and OT and so much more. And of course, there’s also our emergency fund to help people where they need it and our increasing bank of lived experience content to help all those who have sustained an injury – and not just those with a legal claim. 
  • Then there’s our determination to drive sector change and create a better environment for those who have sustained serious injury. We think our sector can be even better. That’s why we’ve taken a stand on deductions from damages and oppose deductions for shortfall and success fees. And we also have no possible corporate client conflicts, no insurance relationship conflicts and we never act for defendants. Our focus is only on claimants and all those affected by injury – because that’s our purpose. And we’ll also be working those charities and organisations to drive change to help the everyday lives of those who have sustained serious injury.

Today is just the beginning. It’s an exciting beginning but one we intend to build on further. Leading the way in ensuring all people affected by injury have the best chance of achieving their best possible outcome and leaving fulfilled lives.


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