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TRU Rehab produce artwork for CFG Law

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Residents at TRU Rehab have created artwork for CFG Law through one of their arts and crafts workshops as part of their rehabilitation in a vocational placement.

TRU Rehab is a clinically led Acquired Brain Injury rehabilitation unit, whose focus is on rehabilitation through positive enforcement and rewards. At TRU they believe that giving residents focus and structure gives them a purpose and meaning to their day, which is key to rehabilitation after a brain injury.

Brain injuries can often leave people with ongoing cognitive effects such as fatigue and memory problems, so giving them some structure to their day and trying to mirror their previous activities before the injury is crucial in the rehabilitation process. Although they may no longer be able to undertake all of the activities they would have previously, this ensures their life is still very much meaningful and gives them some direction to follow.

Alongside their neurological treatment, residents are encouraged to participate in vocational placements as part of the structure of their day. As well as arts and crafts, TRU Rehab offers many vocational placements to their residents including woodwork, mechanics, gardens, kitchens, computers and admin and A team. These placements aim to give residents the chance to concentrate and focus on something they enjoy and are passionate about.

The artwork created by the residents at TRU will be displayed around the CFG Law offices for both staff and visitors to admire and appreciate.

Angela Addison, Vocational Instructor for Craft and Design, from TRU Rehab who undertook the art sessions with residents, commented, “The vocational sessions are very much an important part of what we do at TRU Rehab. The sessions give our residents focus and a sense of achievement that they have created something. There are also many therapeutic benefits from painting as it helps our residents to concentrate and can have a very calming influence on them when they are feeling anxious or frustrated.”

Leanne Tattam, Associate Solicitor at CFG Law has been thrilled with the results, “It has been great to work with TRU Rehab on this project and the artwork that has been produced is fantastic. I cannot wait to see them displayed around the offices for everyone to enjoy. TRU Rehab’s approach to rehabilitation is excellent and is very much aligned to what myself and the rest of the team at CFG Law believe to be important in rehabilitation. We look forward to working with them further in the future.”

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