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Written by CFG Law, 14 May 2018

Headways Action for Brain Injury Week 2018

Todays marks the start of Headways Action for Brain Injury Week 2018. A week-long awareness raising event to increase understanding of the effects of a brain injury. Their campaign aims to highlight the fact that brain injury affects more than the individual, and can have a direct impact on their family, friends, colleagues and many more.

Symptoms of a brain injury go beyond the visuals signs of trauma. The effects of a brain injury can greatly vary from person to person. The main problems people may face following a brain injury are generally classified into these four categories.

  • Physical Effects
  • Cognitive Effects
  • Behavioural Effects
  • Emotional Effects

Our infographic highlights some of the problems people face on a daily basis after suffering a #tbi.




Success in appealing a CICA claim following a spinal cord injury

This case study is an example of a difficult Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority claim, where we have successfully appealed the CICA decision following two rejections.

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