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Early intervention in serious injury claims

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At CFG Law, we advocate the early intervention of treatment and support in all serious injury cases. In life changing cases the need for such support starts from day one. All reputable law firms recognise this need from the outset but have to rely on interim payments from the Defendant Insurers in the case. This can take many weeks or maybe months unless the Defendant Insurers admit responsibility for causing the injuries and agree to fund treatment; this means that Defendant Insurers are in control of what support and treatment an injured person can have.

We aim to put the injured person and their family back in control. 

From the outset of a claim, we will implement the support needed. From the moment we meet our clients, one of our main priorities is how we can help support the client and their family; what are their immediate needs? What support do they require? Is there anything we can help to source and fund that has not already been provided? We listen to their concerns and whilst case planning for the future, we also consider what can be done immediately.  We have built strong relationships with treatment providers, clinicians and other supporting services across the UK, so we are able to start the support plan immediately.

CFG Law’s intervention in serious injury claims

One recent example of this relates to a child brain injury case.  The client was receiving NHS treatment; however, the out-patient treatment planned was minimal. we was able to identify the acute needs of the client and engage the services of both statutory and private clinicians to help in terms of support with school and exams, physiotherapy, aids and equipment, occupational therapy and travel costs, to name a few.

The needs of this client are ever evolving and at each step, the client and her family can feel confident that they are receiving the highest level of support and treatment to ensure the client’s rehabilitation is maximised and CFG Law are working with the treating team to help ensure the best possible recovery.

In taking this approach, the client remains the focus of the case which is what the Client First Group is all about.

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