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Road Safety Week 2017 – speed down, save lives

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It’s Road Safety Week from the 20th to 26th November. The initiative is run by Brake, the road safety charity and each year, a different theme is chosen to raise awareness of road safety and try to reduce the number of preventable collisions on our roads.

The theme for 2017 is “Speed down, save lives”. The campaign focuses on reducing speeds and encouraging people to drive more slowly.

The speed at which we drive has a huge impact on our ability to react and stop should something unexpected happen in front of us whilst we are driving. Slowing down can make the difference between being able to stop safely and being involved in a road collision, whether with other drivers, cyclists or pedestrians. The consequences can be devastating. Speeding and/or travelling too fast for the conditions of the road is recorded as the contributory factor in one in four fatal crashes.

Some of the areas Brake are focusing on this week include:

  • Raising awareness of the number of deaths and serious injuries caused by speeding.
  • Encouraging people to drive safely on rural roads and not drive too fast.
  • A campaign to lower the speed limit on built-up roads to 20mph.
  • Support driving at a speed that you can stop safely.

Everyone can get involved in road safety week and support the great work done by Brake. You can simply go to the Brake website and take the Brake pledge to become a better driver. Or you can get involved by raising awareness through activities in your workplace or organisation. You can raise awareness about any road safety subject you wish, it does not have to be centred on the 2017 theme.

At CFG Law, we support the work of Brake and other road safety charities and campaigns that aim to reduce the number of collisions on our roads. We see all too often the consequences of collisions where people were driving too fast, both resulting in fatalities or serious, life-changing injuries. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help, call 0800 612 8196 for advice on making a claim after a road accident.

Although the number of road collisions is decreasing each year, anything that can be done to bring these figures down further is most welcome.

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