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Brain Injuries

Is it important for your solicitor to have experience in brain injury cases?

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Brain injuries are complex and are life-changing for those who have been affected by them. It can be a challenging and stressful time for the person with a brain injury and their loved ones.

Whilst the process for personal injury is similar for almost all types of injury, claims for brain injury could last for many years, and it is essential that you instruct a solicitor who has extensive experience in dealing with these types of claims.


Before instructing a solicitor to deal with your claim, you should look at the law firm’s website. In particular, case studies, articles and blogs which will give you an insight into the work they do and the successful outcomes which they have achieved. It may also be beneficial to ask who will be dealing with your claim at the outset and what their experience is of dealing with brain injury claims.

It is recommended that you look at two or three different law firms to gain knowledge about each, to compare the services that they offer. This will allow you to make an informed decision about who you choose to represent you.

The most appropriate solicitor for you may not be the one who is most local and could be located somewhere else in the country. An expert brain injury solicitor should be happy to travel to visit you at home, at the hospital, or any other location that is convenient for you.  You should choose your solicitor based on their experience and whether you are comfortable with them dealing with your case.

Early treatment and aftercare

The first priority for a person with a traumatic brain injury is to obtain medical treatment and to look into rehabilitation. However, in bringing a claim for personal injury, it is vital that your solicitor understands the importance of assisting you in receiving medical care as quickly as possible to facilitate your recovery. Our aim at CFG Law is to ensure that clients gain access to treatment and rehabilitation as soon as possible. We have an emergency fund which can be used on behalf of clients, which ensures we put our clients’ needs first in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Charities and group support

Additionally, most law firms who specialise in brain injury claims have connections with groups or charities such as Headway. This is important as these charities can provide you with information about brain injuries and support you and your family following a brain injury.

Headway has local groups and branches across the UK, and can provide services such as rehabilitation programmes and carer support. Headway also has a head injury Solicitors Directory where you can find specialist solicitors with experience in handling brain injury cases. With these types of connections, your solicitor should be able to point you in the right direction so that you can seek other help and assistance alongside pursuing your legal claim.

Interim payments

An experienced solicitor will understand that brain injuries are challenging and that they can put a strain on relationships and finances. They should look to obtain early interim payments from the Defendant where possible. This is where a payment is received early on in your claim from the Defendant to assist with your immediate needs, such as for your loss of earnings, rehabilitation or treatment costs.

In conclusion, your solicitor must have experience in dealing with brain injury claims. The above points highlight the main areas which you should ask about before instructing a solicitor to handle your claim. If you do instruct a solicitor to deal with your claim, you will most likely be working with them for a number of years following your accident until your claim is completed. It is therefore crucial that your solicitor is competent, knowledgeable and there when you need them the most. You should also feel comfortable and at ease with them to discuss everything openly. At CFG Law, we provide legal advice, together with financial, physical and emotional support to enable you to achieve your best outcome and to lead a fulfilled life.

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