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Industry News | 1 minute read

We are excited to announce we will be working with Roadpeace in the West Midlands

Written by CFG Law, 27 August 2020

Announcement! We will be working with Roadpeace in the West Midlands

RoadPeace, the national charity for road crash victims, has today launched its regional legal panel. As of today the panel has moved from a national structure, to a regional one, where we are excited to announce we will be working with Roadpeace in the West Midlands area.

The benefit of this has become all the more stark as crash victims feel the effects of COVID-19 and lockdown. Victims referred by RoadPeace to solicitors will be offered a regional firm, allowing for a more localised relationship with their lawyer.

Polly Herbert said:

"Nobody wakes up and wants a personal injury solicitor to handle their serious injury claim or deal with the aftermath of a loss of a loved one but, when that situation occurs, it's important to have specialists you can rely on who will support you at every stage. We're proud to be working with RoadPeace in the West Midlands and look forward to helping more people affected by injury – working with families and friends as well as the injured or bereaved person themselves."

"We know how important family and friends are to injured people and having restricted access has been extremely difficult for some of our clients and their wider support network. At times like these, having someone to talk to and knowing someone is there to support you means everything."

Nick Simmons, RoadPeace CEO said

“It has always been vital for victims to have a specialist personal injury firm representing them, and the RoadPeace legal panel is made up of such firms. What COVID-19 has shown us though is how human contact and a close relationship with your solicitor is vital, on top of expertise. We have this month changed our legal panel structure, so that victims who get referred to our solicitors through RoadPeace, will be offered a local firm in the first instance.”


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