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How to identify, tackle and prevent disability discrimination in the workplace

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Workplace expert, Acas, has recently launched a new guide aimed at helping employers and managers to identify, tackle and prevent disability discrimination in the workplace.

As serious injury solicitors, we regularly work with clients who find themselves in the position where they are suddenly classed as disabled. After suffering life-changing injuries, it is very distressing for an injured person to face further barriers and disadvantages on their eventual return to work.

Acas (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) provides free and impartial information and advice to employers and employees on all aspects of workplace relations and employment law. Their new free guide 'Disability discrimination: key points for the workplace' helps employers to learn more about disability and how to prevent and manage complaints in the workplace in relation to disability discrimination.

According to the Government’s Department for Work and Pension and Office for Disability issues, there are over 11 million people with a limiting long term illness, impairment or disability in the UK. Sadly, despite improving statistics, disabled people continue to face discrimination in the workplace and Acas report that their helpline dealt with around 12,000 calls about disability discrimination in the past year alone, with over four out of ten disabled people seeking work finding that misconceptions around their capability to work were the biggest barrier to getting hired.

Acas Head of Equality, Steve Williams, said:“Research shows that employers with a diverse workforce can reap many business benefits as they can tap into the knowledge and skills of staff from a wide range of backgrounds.

“Our new guidance covers the different types of disability and practical steps on how to prevent discrimination and deal with it if it happens."

Serious Injury Solicitor, Sabrina McCarron of CFG Law commented: “Disability and the workplace is an extremely sensitive issue and employers must do all they can to support their employees, especially if they suddenly become disabled. With effective occupational therapy, and vocational rehabilitation, many seriously injured people return to their previous employment, or go on to find new, meaningful employment elsewhere.

"As part of our service, we are dedicated to providing effective, early rehabilitation and treatment so that our clients stand the best possible chance of making a good recovery from their injuries. We work with medical experts across the UK to provide them with the care they need to make the best possible recovery and so their chances of returning to their previous employment are high. Where a client is unable to return to their previous occupation, we are able to provide support and advice for seeking new employment.”

To read Acas’s new guide, click this link

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