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New high frequency spinal cord stimulation therapy to treat Chronic Pain

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A journal published in the US has suggested that a new high-frequency form of spinal cord stimulation therapy could help to improve effective pain relief in Chronic Pain cases, without any unwanted side effects.

Treating Chronic Pain can be difficult and many methods have been tested over the years to see what can help alleviate the pain and help people suffering from the condition to better manage their pain.

Spinal cord stimulation therapy (SCS) works by implanting a small device under the skin which sends electric pulses directly to the spinal cord. This helps someone who is suffering from Chronic Pain by temporarily interrupting the pain signals being sent to the brain.

A side effect of SCS is Paraesthesia. Paraesthesia is a tingling sensation in the skin. Many patients find this sensation uncomfortable, but do report a reduction in their pain.

Usually, SCS uses a frequency of 40-60 hertz. In this recent study, scientists increased the intensity and frequency of the electric pulses to up to 10,000 hertz. Results showed that patients not only reported greater pain relief with the higher frequency, but also experienced no Paraesthesia.

After 3 months, 85% of patients experiencing Chronic Pain in their back and 83% of patients experiencing Chronic Pain in their leg reported a 50% reduction in their pain or greater and no symptoms of Paraesthesia. This was compared to only 44% of back pain patients and 56% of leg pain patients who received the standard frequency SCS.

Prof. Leonardo Kapural, the lead study author commented, “Chronic back and leg pain have long been considered difficult to treat and current pain relief options such as opioid have limited effectiveness and commonly known side effects. Given the prevalence of Chronic Pain, high frequency SCS is an exciting advance for our patients.”

At CFG Law, we regularly help clients who are suffering daily symptoms of Chronic Pain after an accident or injury. We truly understand how debilitating the condition can be for people. This new research provides hope to sufferers and shows very promising and encouraging results in the treatment of Chronic Pain.

If you have developed Chronic Pain as a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault, we can help. Our aim is to provide early assessment and treatment plans for clients, so that they can make the best recovery possible from their injuries. We will fight for interim compensation payments to cover the cost of any treatment needed, whilst negotiating for the highest amount of compensation available to you.

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