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Rehabilitation after a brain injury

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It is well documented that rehabilitation after a brain injury is vitally important and can make all the difference in the recovery someone can make. But further research from the University of California has found that the longer and more intense the rehabilitation, the more success can be made in treating people with a traumatic brain injury.

This research could have huge implications in the way that brain injury rehabilitation is approached, and how much treatment people receive.

In order to look how the adult nervous system can best repair itself after a brain injury, researchers studied rats that were relearning skills and other abilities. The rats who received the intense, longer rehabilitation pathway made a much better recovery and showed considerable restructuring of the brain where the damage had occurred.

The rats who did not receive the same level of rehabilitation did not show any restructuring or rebuilding of the brain or recover the same level of function.

Clearly the more treatment that a person can access following a brain injury can play a huge part on how well they recover and what function they regain. This is important to consider for everyone who has sustained a brain injury to ensure that they have access to this very intense, bespoke treatment as quickly as possible to aid their recovery and ensure they make the best improvements possible.

At CFG Law we very much advocate early treatment for our clients and ensure a bespoke rehabilitation pathway is put in place as quickly as possible. We will organise for an assessment as soon as possible so that we can look to arrange the recommended treatment.

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