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What stands out is the care and concern – I receive regular calls to find out how I'm doing and how my pain is.- L.A.

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What stands out is the care and concern – I receive regular calls to find out how I'm doing and how my pain is.- L.A.

chronic pain compensation

Chronic Pain Compensation

Specialist Chronic Pain Compensation Solicitors

Chronic pain is defined as a pain lasting longer than six months. This pain can be mild or much more severe and in some instances can be constant. Experiencing pain like this for prolonged periods of time can have a huge effect on your life.

Chronic pain claims are particularly complex and specialist. Therefore we would always advise you speak to a solicitor who can demonstrate real experience helping clients with chronic pain claims.

At CFG Law, we have developed a reputation in this area and can help you to gain access to the specialist treatment and support you need to help you onto the road to recovery.

If you are suffering from chronic pain as a result of an accident, call our helpline at any time on 0800 612 8196 and one of our dedicated team will be able to advise you on making a compensation claim.

Our experienced solicitors offer a free consultation and will give you compassionate and expert advice.  Our aim is always to truly make a positive difference in all that we do for clients and their families.


Why choose CFG Law to help with my chronic pain compensation claim?

At CFG Law, we understand clients want to get back to work and regain their life as quickly as possible. From our experience, by far the most crucial factor in ensuring the greatest amount of physical and emotional progress is early treatment and rehabilitation for chronic pain.

Therefore our solicitors will look to help with early specialist medical assessment and a treatment plan. We will immediately appoint a dedicated team led by a senior solicitor to deal with your claim. They will get your legal case up and running straight away and most importantly, look to put in place a bespoke programme of treatment and rehabilitation. Your appointed team have the resources and expertise to ensure that you have access to the best medical experts and support services at an early stage.

Our specialist solicitors will also be able to provide you with practical advice, ensuring you receive the correct information about your employment rights and working with chronic pain, as well as any benefits you may be eligible to.

We will also seek interim (damages) payments to help ease any financial strain you may be feeling following your accident, as well as to pay for any specialist treatment you require to improve your recovery and get your life back on track.


How much chronic pain compensation can I claim?

Claims for chronic pain compensation can vary greatly, and your solicitor should be able to advise you further on the likely value of your claim. To fully assess how much your claim is worth lots of things can be taken into consideration. These include:

  • Private treatment fees to help your recovery and get your life back on track.
  • Physiotherapy to help with your injuries and improve your feelings of pain.
  • Specialist equipment to increase your mobility and independence.
  • Adaptations to your car or home.
  • Care and ongoing support.
  • Counselling to deal with any feelings of depression and anxiety.
  • Past and future loss of earnings as a result of your injuries.

Our specialist solicitors will fight tirelessly to secure the maximum amount of compensation available to you. We understand that it’s not just about being compensated for your injuries, but also to ensure you have the correct treatment and support in place to ensure your life returns to normal as best it can.


What to do next

Your main priority should be your recovery. By starting the legal compensation process as soon as possible, we can help with access to specialist assessment, treatment and other support services to help with your chronic pain.

Let us help you to claim the compensation you deserve and require to make the best possible recovery. Call today on 0800 612 8196 (open 24 hours) to discuss your chronic pain compensation claim. Or contact us online to arrange for one of our specialist solicitors to call you back.

All consultations are free with no obligation. At CFG Law, we also operate on a no win no fee basis to ensure there’s no financial risk to you or your family.

Our aim is to help seriously injured clients rebuild their quality of life as quickly as possible.



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All enquiries are confidential with no obligation. Your details will never be sold on to any third parties.

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