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Faulty equipment

We are catastrophic and serious injury solicitors who provide legal advice together with financial, physical and emotional support.

Employers have a responsibility to make sure that work equipment is safe. Machinery accident claims or other work accident claims due to faulty equipment can include any machinery, appliance, apparatus, equipment, tool or installation for use at work (whether exclusively or not).

Machinery and equipment are used in many different workplaces across the UK. Whether for small jobs, or in big industrial factories, they are integral to many working environments. If you’ve sustained an injury due to dangerous or faulty work equipment, we can advise you on whether you can make a work accident compensation claim.

We have a specialist team of accident at work solicitors who have the legal knowledge to combat the issues that can arise in such claims. We have the expertise to deal with serious head, spinal and multiple injuries which can be common in airports, factories and in the agricultural industry.

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I feel so lucky to have chosen CFG to handle my case as when you have an accident you don’t know who to trust. From day one they made me feel secure, reassured and they also kept me fully informed throughout the whole process. I know that I received first class legal advice, and they used top experts to support my case. I can’t fault their service and am thankful for everything that they did for me.

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Your Employer’s Responsibility

Every employer has to ensure that work equipment is maintained in an efficient working order and in good repair. Inspections of work equipment are often required, for example, if equipment is exposed to conditions likely to cause deterioration. It is also important that all machinery is well maintained and has adequate guards to protect employees from the dangerous elements of the machine.

Employers must also ensure that the machinery is used correctly. Employers should, therefore, carry out adequate risk assessments for all machinery and the processes for using them. Your employer has to take measures to protect you against dangerous or potentially faulty machine parts. They should also ensure that employees are fully trained on methods of use, risks and precautions. Unfortunately, many people are asked to operate machinery without proper training or are asked to operate machinery without adequate safety guards – both of which can result in not only serious injuries but tragically can also result in the death of an employee.

If your employer fails in their duty of care and you sustain an injury as a result, you may be able to make a faulty equipment compensation claim for your injury and other losses.

Types of machinery accident and faulty work equipment claims

Some of the more common work accident claims can include injuries caused by:

  • Work equipment that has not been properly maintained.
  • Work equipment and machinery that has not been regularly inspected and left to deteriorate.
  • Faulty equipment that has not been repaired correctly.
  • Work equipment or machinery which is inadequate for the job.
  • Employees using work equipment that they have not been adequately trained for.
  • Ill-fitting protective clothing; masks and gloves etc. whilst handling machinery.
  • Machinery and work equipment that do not have adequate safety guards (or have faulty safety guards).
  • Defective or dangerous machinery can cause more serious injuries including crush injuries, eye injuries, head injuries, loss of limb or even fatal injuries.

By making a defective work equipment claim, it will also help ensure that the same will not happen to another member of staff. Highlighting the dangers after an injury will mean that employers will take steps to avoid these accidents happening again. You are advised to start your faulty work compensation claim as soon as possible.

The quicker your compensation claim is made, the easier it is to properly investigate the accident. It is also easier for witnesses to remember what took place. This will help you to build a case against your employer, to show they are to blame and have been negligent. Remember that if your claim is successful it will be your employer’s insurer who will pay your claim and not your employer.

How we can help

As specialist catastrophic and serious injury solicitors, we have the expertise you would expect in recovering compensation where someone else is at fault. What sets us apart, however, is all the extra stuff that we do that you would not expect from a firm of solicitors and why we do it.

As well as legal advice, we focus on providing the financial, physical and emotional support you and your family need. We do this right from the very start when it feels like your world has been turned upside down and the priority is pulling together to get your life back on track. We then work closely with you throughout your case, ensuring you achieve your best outcome and can go on to lead a fulfilled life.

Why do we do this? The answer is simple. We all share a common purpose: to help those affected by injury – together. The together part is really important to us. We know that by working collaboratively as a team with you and your family, we can achieve so much more.

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Fantastic service

Amazing, hassle-free and got me a good compensation package. Rachel took over my case halfway through and could not have been more helpful... She kept me updated and acted with complete ...

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Professional, empathic and trustworthy

I was referred to CFG Law by a peer supporter from the Spinal Injury Association. I was unsure what to expect; however, Jonathan soon put me at ease. He has an SCI himself, so I knew he could ...

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Solicitors who actually care!

Staff at CFG are very caring and compassionate about their clients and what they do. I never felt like a business case. They kept in touch throughout the process, always wanted to know what else ...

Sabria Harve

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