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Forklift accident claims

We are catastrophic and serious injury solicitors who provide legal advice together with financial, physical and emotional support.

Forklift trucks are most commonly used in manufacturing and warehouses. They are used to move materials around small distances. Although they are extremely useful pieces of equipment, they can pose serious dangers not only to the people operating them, but also to those around the area too. On average, forklift accidents account for up to 25% of workplace transport accidents. Someone requires hospital treatment from an accident involving a forklift truck every single day in the UK.

A forklift accident can result in very serious injuries. If you have experienced an accident at work as a result of a forklift truck, we have a dedicated team of serious injury solicitors who have expertise and a track record of success in this area.

All forklift accident compensation claims are handled on a no win no fee basis so there’s no financial risk to you. Remember, your employer cannot dismiss you for making a claim. By law, all employers must have insurance to cover them for accidents in the workplace. If your claim is successful, it is the insurance company who will pay your compensation and not your employee.

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About Forklift Truck Accidents

The term forklift truck not only includes the trucks themselves, but can also include reach trucks, which are used to lift and lower items from high stacks or shelving, and stand up trucks, which are operated by drivers standing on the truck to control and steer them.

Common causes of forklift truck accidents can include:

  • Inadequate training of workers operating forklift trucks.
  • Forklift trucks being driven too fast.
  • The load being elevated when the forklift is moving.
  • Uneven surfaces causing the forklift to tilt and lose balance.
  • Reach trucks causing items in high stacks to be pushed too far over the stack and falling down on the other side.
  • Pedestrians and forklift trucks working within the same area.
  • Loads not being secured correctly and falling off the truck and onto someone.

Unfortunately, most of the accidents at work caused by forklift trucks could have been prevented by employers implementing the correct system of use and accurately assessing risks. It is law in the UK that anyone who is operating a forklift truck must undergo the correct training and have the correct license to do so.

Employers must assess the risks to everyone, not just the drivers and take appropriate measures to protect their staff from the risk of injury. It is also advisable that employers provide workers with adequate safety equipment. This can include such things as fluorescent jackets, so pedestrians can be easily recognised and seen by drivers of forklift trucks, as well as hard hats and safety boots, to better protect them if they are struck by a forklift truck.

The forklift trucks themselves should be maintained to an adequate standard and be in good repair. Regular checks are important to ensure they are working safely and correctly.

It is not only workers and their colleagues that can be in danger of injury due to a forklift accident. Business owners must also protect the general public and visitors to their premises, for example contractors or shoppers in DIY stores, wholesalers and garden centres.

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