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Just hearing a friendly voice on end of the phone made me feel ok about my accident.- H.M.

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Just hearing a friendly voice on end of the phone made me feel ok about my accident.- H.M.

fractured skull and head injury compensation

Fractured Skulls and Infection Compensation

About Fractured Skulls and Infection Compensation Claims

If you have sustained a severe head injury, you may also have fractured your skull. A skull fracture is a break to any of the bones in your head and can have serious implications.

Skull fractures result from blunt force trauma to the head, usually caused by accidents (such as a road accident, accident at work or a fall) or violent acts.

A fractured skull can be one of the most serious head injuries a person can suffer. A skull fracture is serious because there is a risk of traumatic brain injury, caused directly by the fractured bone or by bleeding inside the skull.

If you have suffered from a fractured skull and there is even a small chance that your brain has been injured, it is crucial that you and your family seek advice from brain injury solicitors who can demonstrate their expertise in this area, and who understand the importance of early rehabilitation and support.

At CFG Law we have over 30 years’ experience in dealing with many complex brain injury claims and we are members of Headway’s Head Injury Solicitors Directory. We have a dedicated head injury team who have helped a vast number of clients who have suffered head injuries and understand that compensation can give a lifeline to seriously injured clients and their families.

Let us help you to make a brain injury compensation claim which will secure you funding and support for your best possible future. Call us any time on 0800 612 8196.

All consultations are free with no obligation and we can come and meet with you and your family at any location.

How we can help

As experienced solicitors, we understand the importance of a compassionate approach and ongoing support for you and your family.

From our experience, by far the most crucial factor in ensuring the greatest amount of physical and emotional progress is early treatment and rehabilitation.

Our approach is unique because we look at our clients’ immediate needs and ensure early access to a tailored programme of treatment and support.

  • We will immediately appoint a dedicated head injury team led by a senior solicitor.
  • We will get your case up and running straight away and deal with every aspect of getting you onto the correct treatment path.
  • Your appointed team have the resources and expertise to ensure that you have access to the best experts and support services almost immediately, in order to put in place a high quality programme of treatment and care.
  • We will look to secure early interim (compensation) payments to help with your shorter term needs.
  • We will advise you on your employment rights, benefits and financial planning.
  • We understand the importance of assessing future needs with brain injury claims and will secure maximum compensation.

Fractured skull symptoms


Many mild skull fractures require no specific treatment because the fracture in the bone will heal naturally over time. Recommended treatments will involve controlling pain, promoting healing and preventing any further complications. However the main concern with any skull fracture is the potential for traumatic brain injury, which can have much more serious implications.

Skull fractures are usually diagnosed with a head x-ray. However, further scans (such as CT scans) may be necessary to determine if there are any other complications and to determine if any brain damage has also occurred.

Common signs of a skull fracture can include:

  • Your head appearing misshapen.
  • Headaches and dizziness.
  • Pain in your jaw or neck.
  • Upset stomach and vomiting.
  • Bruising around your eyes and behind your ears.
  • Drooping to one side of your face.
  • Unequal pupils.
  • Limited consciousness.
  • Limited mobility in your arms and shoulders.
  • Difficulty swallowing.
  • Drooling.
  • Confusion.

If you have sustained a head injury and suspect you have a fractured skull, you should seek medical attention immediately.

Types of skull fractures

There are many different types of skull fracture. The type of skull fracture depends on whether the bone has fractured or shattered and whether there is damage to any underlying tissue.

The four major types of skull fractures are:

  1. Linear – these fractures usually appear as a line in the skull and there is not normally any bone displacement. They will usually heal well without surgery, providing no infection occurs.
  2. Depressed – this is when part of the skull bone presses inwards on the brain. Surgery is usually required to prevent brain damage and to repair the skull. In severe cases, a traumatic brain injury may be sustained.
  3. Diastatic – these are fractures along the suture lines in the skull (the space between the skull bones to allow the brain to grow). These are more common in babies and small children.
  4. Basilar – this is the most serious type of skull fracture. It is a break at the back of your head, near the bottom of the skull. It can cause serious brain damage and damage to the spinal cord.

Open fractures may be more serious because there is a higher risk of infection by bacteria if the skin is broken.

Infections in fractured skulls

Skull fractures can damage the membrane (the thin layer of cells) which surrounds the brain and protects it. Damage to this protective membrane can increase your risk of developing an infection.

Bacteria can sometimes enter the wound and cause an infection. Any external head wounds should be kept clean to reduce the risk of infection and antibiotics will sometimes be prescribed to help fight any infections.

If an infection does occur and reaches the brain, there can be serious consequences. Infections can cause the area to swell, resulting in damage to the brain.

What to do next

If you have sustained a fractured skull after an accident, our head injury solicitors will be able to advise you on making a claim and early treatment and support.

At CFG Law, we have a specialist head injury team who have expertise in these types of complex claims. Even if you have suffered a simple fracture, you can suffer from longer term health implications such as cognitive problems, emotional problems, and neuropsychological dysfunction.

To speak to one of our brain injury solicitors, call at any time (24 hours a day) on 0800 612 8196.

All consultations are free and we can come and meet you and your family in person. As no win no fee solicitors, there’s also no financial risk to you.

At CFG Law, we’re here to help and provide ongoing support for you and your family. Your dedicated team will ensure the best possible result for you and will provide you with full support through this difficult time.


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