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RoadPeace Anthology

This project is a partnership between RoadPeace West Midlands and CFG and was born out of a desire to give a voice to road crash victims, who are often overlooked, by a society that has wrongly accepted road crashes as both accidental and inevitable.


Heartbreak, Hope and a Call for Change

A series of stories from those who have had their lives devastated by road crashes

With a foreword by Baroness Helen Newlove, contributors include the RoadPeace West Midlands Support Group and others who have been bereaved; emergency services, who see first-hand the impact of road crashes; MPs, who can help to make a difference, and those who support families after a road death.

Each individual story reflects the terrible impact that road death has, conveying the heartbreak each family endures and the hope they desperately seek to find. This anthology is also a call for change, and a call for society to stop accepting these needless deaths.

However, most of all, this anthology is for the next family, who will sadly need it.

You can download a full digital copy of the anthology here, or order a paper copy using the form below.

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RoadPeace West Midlands

Hear more from Jane Evans and Lucy Harrison from about the project.

"In 2020, CFG began working with us, as a part of the RoadPeace legal panel structure, and Nick, the RoadPeace CEO, trusted us to run with our ideas – and what a joy this has been. CFG – thank you for believing in RoadPeace West Midlands, thank you for wanting to tell our stories, thank you for taking our every idea, and talking it through and then making it a reality. You have worked tirelessly, and you have given so much.

"Thank you for your kindness, your creativity, your endless care and attention to detail, your determination to make sure every element of this anthology was well thought out, your patience, and understanding, with myself and Jane, and the absolute respect you have shown to the story of every single person who has taken part."

Making a donation

If you would like to order a physical copy of the anthology, we would ask for a small donation to RoadPeace to cover the costs of a further print run.

The suggested donation is £10, which we will contact you regarding once you have completed the form.

RoadPeace is a voluntary organisation, and they will be in touch with you about your order when they can.

This project was a joint collaboration between CFG and RoadPeace.


Heartbreak, Hope and a Call for Change

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