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Jemima is a solicitor at CFG and is part of our serious and catastrophic injury team. Having worked in the legal industry since 2019, Jemima always works in her clients’ best interests, helping them to access the aid and support they need to rebuild their lives after serious injury. 

What drives Jemima is a commitment to justice for vulnerable people and their families and a desire to make a positive impact on their lives. Jemima understands the emotional and physical toll life-changing injuries can have, and she strives to provide personalised and compassionate support. She listens carefully to her clients and their concerns and does all she can to help alleviate any stress and strain they might be feeling.  

Jemima approaches every case with meticulous attention, ensuring every angle is considered. She fights tirelessly to achieve the very best outcome for her clients, in both the amount of compensation they receive and their overall wellbeing. 

Areas of expertise

  • Supporting not only for people who have sustained serious injury, but their wider family to make sure they have access to wraparound support as soon as possible. 
  • Fighting for justice for people and making sure she secures the very best outcome for them. 
  • Accessing specialist treatment and rehabilitation to assist with someone’s recovery. 

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