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Mary Whittle

Rehabilitation and support coordinator

Mary Whittle

Mary is a rehabilitation and support coordinator at CFG and supports our clients with accessing the help and support they need from day one. With a background in case management and physiotherapy, Mary has extensive experience helping people who have sustained serious life-changing injuries, including amputations, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, birth injuries and complex orthopaedic injuries.

Having previously worked both in the NHS and at a private rehabilitation company, Mary has excellent knowledge of NHS services and pathways as well as experience in working with case managers to deliver all round support, including accessing specialist treatment and rehabilitation to improve someone’s recovery, exploring care options and packages, and vocational support to help someone to return to work. Mary has a good knowledge of services available within the private sector and has experience of quality assurance of those services to ensure the service received is of good quality.

Mary also has experience in clinical assessments of injured people, looking into what individual needs someone might have and how she can help them to improve their function and independence, as well as meeting their rehabilitation needs.

At CFG, Mary works alongside our legal team to ensure that injured people and their families have access to the specific support they need at the earliest possible opportunity. Mary also helps with signposting people to other charities and organisations, and with liaising with local health and social care services to make sure support is put in place as quickly as possible.

Areas of expertise

  • Considerable clinical expertise in rehabilitation and traumatic injuries, including brain injuries, amputations and spinal cord injuries.
  • Regularly communicates with care and rehabilitation providers to ensure the best service for our clients, as well as building relationships with likeminded organisations to ensure the highest possible standards of care.
  • Providing individual help and support to each client, depending on their needs, concerns or worries.
  • Compassionate and caring, and understands the importance of getting to know injured people and their families to understand how she can best help them.

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