Celia Fraser, Solicitor

Celia is a Solicitor at CFG Law with many years experience in personal injury claims.

Her compassionate and understanding personality is a true asset to the company. She endeavours to apply this caring nature to every case to put herself into the shoes of her clients and help to make a positive difference.

Celia understands the importance of early diagnosis and treatment for many different injuries and will push to ensure all areas are investigated fully and the correct treatment path is put into place.

Her detailed approach to cases means every corner is explored, to ensure clients get the most out of the claims process.

Extremely good at...

  • Getting to grips quickly with the legal and practical issues on a case and formulating a dynamic case plan.
  • Undertaking a thorough investigation of all relevant aspects of a case.
  • Cutting through legal jargon to explain things clearly to a client and ensure they understand the process.

Favourite things about working at CFG Law...

  • Working as a team with like-minded, dedicated colleagues who want to truly help people.
  • Getting the best settlements for clients and making a positive difference.
  • The ample amount of coffee provided!

Interested in...

  • The medical aspects of cases, particularly the diagnosis and rehabilitation of different injury types.
  • Subtle traumatic brain injuries, including the diagnosis of these and different treatments available.
  • Good food, good friends and secretly reading celebrity gossip magazines!