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Working collaboratively with other professionals

As well as helping our clients access a wider range of legal, financial, physical and emotional support services, we also work in collaborative partnerships with health, social care and charitable organisations. 

We do this because we recognise that in order to help all those affected by injury, it requires us to work together - with each other, injured people and their families and all other organisations supporting people after a serious injury. This helps our clients to achieve their best outcome and lead fulfilled lives.

We have worked on a number of projects, developing relationships and working partnerships to create bespoke innovative solutions to help injured people.

The following is an illustration of one of our collaborative working partnerships.



At CFG Law, we didn’t start out with the intention of providing a healthcare support service, but as our services developed we asked ourselves ‘what would we do if a loved one was affected by a serious injury?’

We realised that we wouldn’t just want help with legal advice, we would want a wider range of physical and emotional support too. This approach was entirely different to the existing legal process, and we started to implement change through our Client First Service.

As we increasingly helped our clients get the support they needed - including legal, financial, physical and emotional support - we realised we could extend this approach beyond our own clients.

The Patient Advice Service grew from this overall approach.


What is the Patient Advice Service?

Improving patient outcomes is a vital concern for medical professionals and charitable organisations, and our Patient Advice Service is focused on working collaboratively with an NHS Trust to provide guidance and all-round support to patients, beyond their basic treatment and therapy needs.

Our approach considers the biopsychosocial needs of patients. The biological aspect of a patient’s needs are addressed through medical treatment, while we provide the psychosocial requirements by helping with people’s overall wellbeing and home life. 

The Patient Advice Service doesn’t provide extra medical treatment - we know the NHS treating team are the experts there. Instead, we can help to provide the non-clinical support that is often time-consuming and difficult for medical practitioners.  A particular focus of this solution is facilitating discharge, helping patient flow, and freeing up clinical time taken up with non-clinical questions and issues.

Our Patient Advice Service is a bespoke solution developed collaboratively, and designed to fit around the existing services, as well as patients’ specific needs. Help is provided to support patients by coordinating them through existing services and systems. 

That’s where the Clinical Navigators come in. 


How does the Patient Advice Service work?

The Clinical Navigators are coordinators, put in place to help advise patients and their families on their various recovery needs and provide the Patient Advice Service. We offer funding to help pay for the navigators, as opposed to employing them directly, so that they act as neutral advisers. They will of course signpost patients to a panel offering legal services should they require them, but their main role is to act as the go-to person for patients’ needs.

Clinical Navigators can help patients with a variety of non-clinical support:

  • Help access funding for early rehabilitation
  • Provide benefits and welfare advice
  • Offer advice to help patients return to work
  • Direct people to wellbeing support for the whole family
  • Facilitating discharge and helping to coordinate ongoing care.

This is just an illustration of what our Clinical Navigators can provide, and our Patient Advice Service extends to help patients with any additional services. A service provided elsewhere may be different and bespoke to particular requirements.

How does the Patient Advice service benefit your organisation?

With the pressure on NHS professionals, ward staff are often faced with a range of non-clinical concerns throughout their day. By offering assistance with supplementary patient services, we can help improve resources, freeing up ward staff to spend their valuable time doing what they do best - caring for patients and providing essential treatment.

The Patient Advice Service aligns with the NHS Long Term Plan, which aims to provide comprehensive, world-class care fit for the future. For the NHS Trust, this means building partnerships that free up clinical time, help with patient flow, reduce readmissions, balance income with costs, and - vitally - improve patient outcomes.

We want to influence change in how patients’ non-clinical concerns are supported. We believe the Clinical Navigator is the key to this progress, as they can bring separated services together, benefitting both patients and healthcare providers.

The Patient Advice Service can help your organisation in a variety of ways:

Find out more about how CFG Law can help your clinical staff provide first-rate  support to your patients.  Contact us

Working with CFG Law

We are an innovative serious and catastrophic injury business driven by a common purpose: ‘to help those affected by injury – together.’

We provide a legal service complemented by financial, physical and emotional support, focused on the immediate and future needs and wellbeing of injured people and their families. Our ultimate aim is to help all injured people achieve their best outcome and to enjoy fulfilled lives.

That’s why we already work with a number of charities and healthcare providers. We are proud to be recognised by the following organisations for our work:

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When you or your loved one is on the road to recovery, you want to do everything you can to make the journey as smooth as possible. We’re here to help you every step of the way.

At CFG Law, we take a different approach to serious injury claims. Our goal is to help you or your loved one get access to early treatment, comprehensive rehabilitation, and ongoing support. Our services go beyond expert legal advice to focus on your specific needs:

  • We work with medical professionals to get the best treatment for you
  • Our team will help you to access early and emergency funding
  • We also provide support for ongoing rehabilitation and care

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