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Picture of Brooke Trotter

Brooke Trotter

Brooke Trotter was hit by a car whilst walking along a pavement in Manchester and sustained a fractured skull, several facial fractures, orbital roof fracture, traumatic subarachnoid haemorrhage and a crack in his C6 vertebrae. Brooke has continued to experience difficulties following his brain injury, including fatigue and social isolation. He became frustrated with the lack of content online and information out there for brain injury survivors. Out of frustration, and the desire to help those going through these difficult times, he began writing a blog in 2015 detailing his take and personal experiences of the more common symptoms of traumatic brain injury recovery.

Having hope and staying positive

Having hope and staying positive

Brooke Trotter | 10 August 2020

In this article, Brooke describes how people pulled together to provide his family and friends with hope and see the positive during a terrible time of uncertainty.

Getting lost after a brain injury

Getting lost after a brain injury

Brooke Trotter | 8 June 2020

Having difficulties finding your way around after a brain injury is common. In this blog post, Brooke Trotter recounts his experiences of getting lost after sustaining a brain injury.

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