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Colleague Stories

Ashwini Kamath

Ashwini joined the team in 2019 as  an associate solicitor.  After 2 years, she was successful in her application for promotion to Senior Associate Solicitor.  Since 2021, Ashwini has recorded Brain Injury Bites, a bite-sized podcast helping brain injury survivors.


What help do you get to learn and develop in your role and how do you help others to develop?

I have regular meetings with my supervising partner to identify my personal career objectives and the steps I should take to achieve them. We pride ourselves as being a learning and development organisation, so everybody has a development plan that is individual to them and their development needs and goals.  

I am invested in the development of my colleagues, both as a manager but also more generally as a senior solicitor working with colleagues at all different levels. In my casework I hold regular team meetings where I share the case plan to progress cases, and where I encourage my team members to put forward ideas to develop the evidence as well as ask any questions. No question is a silly question and I believe that we can all learn from each other, no matter how experienced we are. I personally get a lot out of seeing my junior colleagues developing their skills and knowledge!

How have you been helped to achieve your goals?

At CFG we adopt a cross-team working approach, so each case team is bespoke to the client. This allows us the opportunity to work on different types of cases with different colleagues and observe a wide variety of approaches. When I first started with CFG, I mentioned areas in which I felt I needed more experience and so as soon as the opportunity arose (within a couple of months!) I was co-opted onto a case team to help me develop those areas.


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