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Motorbike accident compensation claims

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Motorbike Accident Compensation Claims | No Win, No Fee

With over one million registered motorbikes in the UK, motorbike collisions happen all too often on our roads. If you have been involved in a motorbike accident that was not your fault, it is important you speak to expert solicitors with experience in dealing with motorbike accident claims. motorbike accidents can often lead to serious, life-changing injuries, so it's vital you know you have the specialist team in place to help you to claim the compensation you deserve.

As bikers can be more vulnerable on the road, any injuries sustained can often require extensive treatment, rehabilitation and ongoing support for you to achieve your best outcomes. Claiming compensation can not only help to reduce any financial burdens placed on you and your family but also help you to access the treatment and support you need when you need it.

At CFG Law, we are serious injury solicitors who provide legal advice together with financial, physical and emotional support. We're here for you and your family right from the very start, working closely with you to ensure you achieve your best outcome and can go on to lead a fulfilled life.

Making a motorbike accident claim

Anyone involved in a motorbike accident that was not their fault (or even if they were partly at fault) may be entitled to claim compensation. These cases can be complex, as the Defendant will seek to allege some negligence on the part of the motorcyclist. However, our experienced solicitors will advise you and have the complex legal knowledge to handle your motorbike claim.

What does the claim process help fund after a motorbike accident?

People often think that claiming compensation after a motorbike accident is just about receiving a settlement for your injuries. But a claim can provide so much more than just a lump sum at the end of the case.

A motorbike accident claim will cover a number of different components, including funding for specialist equipment to improve mobility and independence, housing modifications to help with discharge home, specialist support, treatment and rehabilitation, as well as any care you or your family member might need now or in the future. It can also help to fund any repairs to your bike, as well as specialist physiotherapy and treatment to get you back out riding.

Making a claim with the right solicitor should allow for an absolute focus on your immediate needs and help you to access the support you and your family need. This extra support is provided by utilising the claims process to access early funding from Defendant insurers to facilitate access to the ongoing treatment, care, equipment and support you may need.

Changing motorbike accident claims solicitors

After a motorbike accident, you may have been recommended to use a solicitor through your insurance company. However, if you do have an ongoing claim with another firm and are unhappy with the support you are receiving or the way your claim is being handled, you can contact us about your concerns.

We can review your claim free of charge and help to resolve any issues you may be facing with your current solicitor. If you are still not happy with the service you are receiving, we can arrange to transfer your case to CFG Law. Whether your claim is at the beginning or close to a settlement, you have the right to move to a serious injury solicitor you choose.

We have handled many motorbike accident claims which have been transferred to us and regularly take over claims started by other firms. Speak to us today if you have any concerns with the way another solicitor is handling your claim.

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Why choose CFG Law?

From the very first call, we will provide you with confidential, no-obligation advice, to find out your circumstances and establish how we can help you and your family. Often, this initial call is followed by a meeting, where we will come out to visit you if it's safe and appropriate to do so. These initial meetings can also take place on the phone, over FaceTime or other digital platforms such as Zoom.

At any meetings, we encourage our potential clients and their families to speak openly and freely and ask lots of questions. We will explain the entire process of making a claim to you, as well as explain how we can help, including the benefits of pursuing a claim. We also fully advise on the legal aspect of pursuing a claim, including the prospects of success and how we are paid.

Good communication is essential when claiming compensation. We will always keep you up to date with any progress in your case, fully advising you upon the risks and benefits of any decisions to be made. We will establish what type of communication is best for you; whether that's during the week, at the weekend or in the evenings, we are available to help and support you.

Building the team

We build whole teams around you and your family, choosing solicitors with expertise in your specific injuries and circumstances to ensure you have the specialist support you need. This team is usually led by a senior solicitor and will likely include another solicitor, trainee solicitor or paralegal.

We have Client Support Managers with expert clinical experience involved as part of your team from the start. They provide well-informed guidance on available support and treatment options, helping you and your family to make the right decisions. Your Client Support Manager can also liaise with your treating team to help with discharge to suitable accommodation, including arranging and facilitating care packages and sourcing aids and equipment to improve your function and independence.

We work in collaboration with health and social care, as well as charities to ensure we all pull together to enable you to achieve your best possible outcome and lead a fulfilled life.

How is this different?

Unlike other firms, this team approach and lower caseloads per solicitors means more people are working proactively on your case, ensuring there are no unnecessary delays. It also means more people are assisting in understanding the complexities of your case and ensure there is continued support for you and your family. This way of working means several people are there to listen to you at any time, allowing for holidays and other circumstances, which won't have a detrimental impact on the support you receive.

We pull together with you and your family to support you with expert legal advice, financial assistance including benefits advice and emergency funds, physical help with early intervention for treatment, rehabilitation and therapies, as well as emotional and physical support for the whole family.


  • Work with fewer clients than is typical in the legal sector, ensuring we have the time to dedicate to working collaboratively with you and your family.
  • Proactive and intensive working, resulting in full compensation with no unnecessary delay.


  • Emergency fund to help plug any gaps in your treatment and support straight away.
  • Help with benefits applications and support with appeal processes.
  • Signposting to charities and other emergency funding.
  • Funding for specialist equipment to improve mobility and independence.
  • No win no fee.


  • Client Support Managers with expert clinical experience involved as part of your team from the start.
  • Provide well-informed guidance about treatment and support, liaise with the treating team about discharge options and arrange and facilitate care packages and source aids and equipment.


  • We listen carefully to you and your family to identify any possible underlying psychological barriers and emotional needs and ensure they are addressed as part of your support plan.

Injuries we cover

The nature of serious and catastrophic injuries is such that in order to help, specialist expertise is essential. With over 30 years’ experience, we have successfully settled many cases that include:

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