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Helping those affected by serious injury - together

No one expects to be involved in an accident and sustain a catastrophic or serious injury

The sudden change in your and your family's circumstances when this happens comes as a shock to all involved, turning your lives upside down.

This is why our serious injury solicitors pull together with you and your family at this challenging time to help get your lives back on track.

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We chose CFG Law and their team as they were very helpful when we were researching companies to work with. I have to say they have been brilliant from day one and the whole team has supported our family through every single step of this difficult process. The one thing that set them apart was the way they talked to us and understood what we were going through, and they got to know our whole family from the offset.

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Types of serious accident claims

Accidents can happen at any time, and we know how suddenly you and your loved ones’ needs can change after a serious injury. Whenever there is someone who may have been at fault for causing an accident which leads to you being injured, it may be possible to recover compensation.  

We have dealt with many different types of serious accidents. Here are some of the most common:

Road traffic collisions

According to the Department for Transport, in the UK there are nearly 25,000 serious injuries as a result of road traffic collisions every year, including car occupants, pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists. The nature of these collisions, which often happen at high speed and with vulnerable road users, leads to some of the most serious injuries including spinal cord, brain, multiple, amputations and fatalities.

Our expert serious accident lawyers can help you with legal, financial, physical and emotional support if you or your family member have been seriously injured in a road traffic collision.

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Accidents at work

Despite modern advances in health and safety legislation, according to the Health and Safety Executive, there were 555,000 non-fatal injuries and 144 fatal accidents at work in 2018, the most serious of which involved falls from height, being struck by a vehicle or object, being trapped by something or having contact with moving machinery. Often, these types of accidents lead to serious injuries involving an absence from work, giving rise to short and potentially long term financial strain.

Our team will pull together with you and your family and work intensively and proactively on your claim to meet all your needs.

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Criminal injury

When you have been injured as a result of a violent crime, you may be able to recover compensation through a government agency called the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). After a catastrophic or serious injury, this claims process can be complex.

We can help you to maximise the amount of compensation you receive, whilst helping meet your financial, physical and emotional needs.

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Our approach

We have all seen headlines about people receiving millions of pounds in compensation. Behind these headlines, there is always a story of someone who has sustained a catastrophic injury and has significant ongoing care needs which often cost tens of thousands of pounds a year to meet.

Our approach is to focus first on you and your story and to help you achieve your best outcome and lead a fulfilled life. The amount of compensation you receive, whilst important, is just part of the overall picture.

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When your world is turned upside down after a catastrophic or serious injury, see how CFG Law can help you get your life back on track and enable you to achieve your best outcome and lead a fulfilled life.

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