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Lived Experience

Brain Injury Brooke

What is it like living with a brain injury? 

Discover the challenges and experiences of living with a brain injury in this insightful blog post. Explore the journey of acceptance and resilience in the face of adversity.

Brain Injuries

The power of lists in brain injury recovery

Discover the importance of structure in brain injury recovery through organisation and lists. Learn practical tips to improve memory and productivity in daily life.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Using my ventilator

Read about Lauren Doherty's journey with spinal cord injuries, overcoming fears of using a ventilator, and making empowering health decisions for a positive future.

Brain Injuries

Things I know now that I wish I knew then

Learn valuable lessons from someone who has lived with a brain injury. Don't miss these insightful tips for living a fulfilling life after a brain injury.

Brain Injuries

Mary Todd's 13 Memory Tips

Living with a brain injury can be challenging, but here are 13 Mary Todd's techniques and habits that can help make life easier.

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