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Head injury after a road traffic accident - £65,000 compensation

Head injury after a road traffic accident - £65,000 compensation

Mr A received £65,000 in accident compensation after he suffered a head injury in a road traffic accident.

He was a driver in a car when an overtaking vehicle hit the driver's side door. He sustained a fractured skull in the impact and as a result, showed some indications of a brain injury. He had some memory problems and problems with concentration, as well as reduced energy and mood. He also developed psychological problems, including a fear of riding in cars.

We helped to arrange for him to see a case management specialist to fully assess any treatment and rehabilitation that could be most beneficial to him. From this assessment, treatment was arranged for him to receive counselling to overcome his fears and anxieties, as well as a neurologist with regards to his brain injury. An MRI scan was also arranged for him to determine the extent of his brain injury.

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