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PTSD case studies

Psychological Injuries Claim Case Study: £1.25 Million in Compensation

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Psychological Injuries Claim Case Study: £1.25 Million in Compensation

The Didcot power station collapsed on the 23rd February 2016, killing four men and causing injuries to over 50 more. CFG Law represented twelve men who were working in or around the boiler house when it suddenly collapsed. The negligence of the employer for failing to take appropriate health and safety measures may be the reason for the collapse.

The Didcot power station collapse killed four men and injured over 50 more.

The challenges faced by our clients

One of the most difficult things for all twelve men represented by CFG Law was accepting and understanding the psychological issues they were experiencing as a result of the incident. All of them found it difficult to talk about the symptoms they were experiencing and were apprehensive about engaging with psychological treatment and support.

All of our clients were directly impacted by the death of their colleagues and friends on the site. It took almost six months for the bodies to be recovered and the majority of our clients returned to the site the day after the collapse to help look for their missing friends. This had a serious impact on many of them and their ability to deal with their symptoms.

Most of them developed severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms and whilst they tried to remain working in the demolition industry for some time, many found this was not sustainable given the psychological triggers this caused and had to move away from their specialised careers. Some of our clients have experienced such significant symptoms that they are unable to return to any form of work.

For many, their family dynamics changed considerably, and some reported a breakdown in their relationships and family units. One family member described her father as ‘going to work that day and never coming home; he is here, but he is not the same man’.

Because of the complexities surrounding the collapse, liability was difficult to establish. Our clients understandably wanted the correct defendant to be held accountable, but given the extensive HSE enquires undertaken and the ongoing criminal investigations, there was little documentation to assist.

One client’s daughter described her father as ‘going to work that day and never coming home; he is here, but he is not the same man.’

How CFG Law Helped with these challenges

We arranged for all of our clients to receive input from a psychiatrist, who could explain in detail what PTSD is and about the symptoms they were experiencing. This encouraged the majority of them to engage in treatment and understand how it could benefit them and their symptoms in the long run. We also arranged for Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to help alleviate symptoms.

For some of the clients, our Client Support Manager investigated marriage counselling, anger management and alternative social events and activities that would encourage them to socialise outside of their immediate family, where relationships had become difficult.

We have also provided some of our clients with details of relaxation and meditation apps to help with their symptoms and information relating to activities that could ease anxiety, such as paint by numbers and different puzzles.

Updating all of these clients regularly, through face to face visits and phone calls, meant we were able to build a strong relationship with all of them. There was a whole team of people working on the cases, that were slowly introduced to ensure our clients knew there was someone to reach out to in any times of need.

Due to the distressing nature and the injuries these clients had sustained, we made sure we provided support to them, as required, ahead of any letter being sent to them that may cause distress, as well as following up with them afterwards to make sure they understood the contents. Due to some of the men having to leave the demolition industry, we looked into alternative employment support and different volunteering opportunities where appropriate.

We also managed to secure key disclosure documents, along with vital witness evidence that enabled us to secure admissions of liability for breach of duty for the majority of our clients, along with agreement that the relevant defendants would be responsible for all 12 claims. We secured regular interim payments for our clients, to help ease their financial pressures as a result of being unable to work, as well as to reduce the anxiety and stress of them not working and to enable them to engage in treatment more successfully.

The results and outcome

The majority of our clients have undertaken substantial treatment which has enabled them to return to work, albeit no longer in the same jobs or in the demolition industry. They have made a good recovery with their symptoms with the right assessments and treatment put in place for them.

All twelve cases settled successfully, securing over £1.25 million in compensation for our clients. This compensation will provide financial security for those clients who have been unable to return to work and also fund the continuing psychological support and treatment they need to manage their symptoms.

We secured over £1.25 million in compensation for our clients, helping with financial security and ensuring they have the continuing psychological support they need.

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