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How much compensation will I get from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme?

The CICA use a “tariff” system to decide how much compensation to pay. The “tariff” is a long list of injuries along with a fixed amount of compensation for each injury.
If you have sustained multiple injuries, you will only receive compensation for the three most serious injuries sustained, and the CICA will adjust the payments as follows: -

  • 100% at the total tariff value for the most serious injury
  • 30% of the total tariff value for the second most serious injury
  • 15% of the total tariff value for the third most serious injury

You may also receive special expenses from the CICA, which can include:

  • Loss of earnings
  • Care costs
  • Travel expenses for NHS treatment
  • Property adaptations
  • Specialist equipment

Claiming these expenses can be complex and require in-depth evidence, so it can be useful to speak with a solicitor who specialises in CICA claims to ensure your claim is valued correctly.

The maximum amount of compensation that you can claim through the scheme is capped at £500,000.

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