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    How much does the Court of Protection cost?

    There is an initial fee payable to the Court of Protection to apply to appoint a deputy. The application fee is £365 and must be sent with your application form. If you are applying for both types of deputyship, then you must pay this application fee twice.

    After the application has been accepted, there is a one-off appointment fee of £100 for adding the deputy to a list and an annual supervision fee that must be paid each year to the OPG. This fee will be dependant on the level of supervision needed.

    All property and affairs deputies are also required to take out security in the form of an insurance policy with a recognised provider. The premiums are dependent on the value of the person's estate under management.

    If a professional deputy has been appointed, there will also be an annual sum for managing the affairs. Most professional deputies charge in 6-minute units at an hourly rate set by the Court. At the end of each year, the professional deputy must send their file of papers for assessment by the Senior Courts Costs Office to determine whether or not the amount claimed is reasonable and proportionate. You can find out more about professional deputies in our eBook here: A guide to professional deputies: what you need to know

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