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Serious Injury Claims

When serious injury turns your world upside down we pull together with you and your family to get your lives back on track.

We’re expert catastrophic and serious injury solicitors with a focus on helping you with legal, financial, physical and emotional support, enabling you to achieve your best outcome and lead a fulfilled life.

serious injury

When your world turns upside down after a serious injury, see how CFG Law can help you and your family live fulfilled lives.

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What is a catastrophic or serious injury?

Both catastrophic and serious injuries are life-changing, and often have long-lasting consequences for the injured person and their whole family. Often, long-term care, rehabilitation and support is required. The main difference between catastrophic and serious injuries is the severity of the initial injury and the likely long-term effects.

We know from experience that no two people are the same so the effects of every serious injury are different. We also understand that you and your family’s needs and requirements will change over time. That is why our service caters for your individual needs, whatever they may be, whenever they may arise.

We have seen the difference having this support in place can have on the outcome after catastrophic and serious injury, often far exceeding initial expectations.

spineSpinal cord injury

Spinal cord injuries are invariably catastrophic and life-changing. They are complex injuries requiring significant support to meet multiple needs. These will depend on the level of the injury to the spinal cord. Typical needs include bowel care, pressure sore prevention, bladder management, respiratory care, along with many others. It is important these are properly managed by experts in each specialist area. It is also imperative to address the emotional impact over time.

That’s why we build an expert team of spinal cord injury specialists around the needs of you and your family to ensure you get the specific support you need, when you need it. 

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brainBrain injury

A brain injury is usually classified as mild, moderate or severe. Outcomes can vary from making a complete recovery to those left in a vegetative or minimally conscious state. Someone who is initially diagnosed as having a mild brain injury can sometimes go on to experience complex long term symptoms and problems, while a person who is classified as severe can go on to make a complete recovery. Each brain injury is different, so a person’s recovery will depend on what parts of the brain have been injured and the extent of these injuries.

Because the severity and symptoms of brain injuries vary greatly, we work alongside leading experts in brain injury to establish the best treatment and rehabilitation plans to enable you to achieve your best outcome. 

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injuryMultiple injury

Where there are multiple injuries it is important to identify all the injuries and understand the combined effects and the resulting needs. Sometimes, less readily diagnosed injuries such as brain injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder can be overlooked by the treating team, as they typically focus on orthopaedic injuries as a priority.

This is why we listen carefully to our clients and their families to understand the full extent of their symptoms prior to putting together the expert team and treatment plan. 

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An amputation may be necessary following an initial trauma, or later due to complications. The amputation of any limb has significant physical and emotional consequences which necessitate specialist expert attention, including the careful choice of prosthetics and any other aids and adaptations.

This is why having the right support network in place is essential to help you and your family achieve your best outcome and to lead a fulfilled life.

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ecgFatal injury

Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one is extremely difficult after a fatal injury. We are there for your family, working together with you to get the compensation you’re entitled to during this difficult time. This compensation can relieve the financial pressure you may be feeling as a result of the loss of a loved one, as well as help you to find someone accountable for your loss.

Our professional, sensitive and sympathetic team will help to guide you through this process and provide you with the physical, financial and emotional support you and your family need. 

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Our approach

We have all seen headlines about people receiving millions of pounds in compensation. Behind these headlines, there is always a story of someone who has sustained a catastrophic injury and has significant ongoing care needs which often cost tens of thousands of pounds a year to meet.

Our approach is to focus first on you and your story and to help you achieve your best outcome and lead a fulfilled life. The amount of compensation you receive, whilst important, is just part of the overall picture.

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Fantastic service

Amazing, hassle-free and got me a good compensation package. Rachel took over my case halfway through and could not have been more helpful... She kept me updated and acted with complete ...

Curtis Aspin


Professional, empathic and trustworthy

I was referred to CFG Law by a peer supporter from the Spinal Injury Association. I was unsure what to expect; however, Jonathan soon put me at ease. He has an SCI himself, so I knew he could ...

Teresa Holmes


Solicitors who actually care!

Staff at CFG are very caring and compassionate about their clients and what they do. I never felt like a business case. They kept in touch throughout the process, always wanted to know what else ...

Sabria Harve

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