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Vision and purpose | CFG Law

Our vision is to be the UK’s leading serious injury business. That doesn’t mean the biggest; it’s not a numbers game to us. It means setting the standard for helping those affected by injury, changing the way the industry operates and helping those who don’t have a claim to access the support they need.

This includes creating and building communities who can support and help each other to achieve their best outcome, whether they have a legal case to bring or not, and helping the whole family as well as the injured person.

Our purpose is helping all those affected by injury – together.

We want to provide advice and support for everyone affected by injury, regardless of whether they have a compensation claim. This includes the injured person, as well as their support network and family and friends. This can be achieved through our working partnerships with charities and health organisations to signpost injured people, as well as by developing our own resource base, including material written by injured people, to help as many people as we can.

The together part is also really important to us, as we know that by pulling together with injured people and their families, as well as support organisations, we can achieve so much more.

Our Client First Service

Our Client First Service is about providing a service that we would be proud to offer to members of our own families. We ask ourselves: ‘what would we do if this was our family member?’

By doing this, and by listening to what our clients and their families say they need, we’ve learnt that, whilst recovering compensation is important, it is the extra things we do and the support we provide that really help and makes the Client First Service stand out.

We provide legal advice together with financial, physical and emotional support.

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