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I found my solicitor very professional at all times…I was always treated with respect.- G.H.

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I found my solicitor very professional at all times…I was always treated with respect.- G.H.


Case Studies

Multiple injuries – £2,100,000 serious injury damages

Ms K sustained multiple injuries as a result of a road traffic accident caused by a negligent, uninsured driver. Judgment was entered against the uninsured driver. The most significant injury she sustained was to her head. Brain injury caused memory loss, an inability to concentrate and inappropriate behaviour. Interim damages totalling £145,000 were obtained for her to facilitate rehabilitation, including housing provision and 42 hours per week of support work in an attempt to provide a structure in her life. She has been declared a Protected Party by the Court of Protection.

The medical evidence obtained by both parties contrasted starkly. The witness evidence was a forensic exercise that proved determinative of the true problems Ms K was undergoing and rebutted the Defendant’s expert evidence which minimised the extent of her problems. The claim settled for an equivalent sum of £2.1 million in serious injury compensation.


Serious orthopaedic injuries – over £900,000 damages

Our client received serious arm and leg injuries in a nasty motorbike accident. Mr R was involved in a serious motorcycle accident and suffered multiple orthopaedic injuries including a fractured elbow involving serious injury to his left ulna nerve, rendering his arm disabled and causing him significant ongoing pain. He also suffered from ongoing psychological problems, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression.

We successfully argued 60:40 on liability (as he was speeding at the time of the accident). Despite being partly to blame, we secured early interim payments to meet his immediate needs and treatment and he received over £900,000.

Mr R was particularly worried about his future, his mental health and providing for his family and was therefore looked at setting up his own business which took into account his ongoing disabilities. We helped arrange for him to seek advice with regards to business planning in his new venture. He received over £900,000 in serious injury compensation.


Brain injury after a road traffic accident – £65,000 serious injury compensation

Mr A received £65,000 in accident compensation after he suffered a head injury in a road traffic accident. He was a driver in a car when an overtaking vehicle hit the driver’s side door. He sustained a fractured skull in the impact and as a result showed some indications of a brain injury. He had some memory problems and problems with concentration, as well as reduced energy and mood. He also developed psychological problems, including a fear of riding in cars.

We helped to arrange for him to see a case management specialist to fully assess any treatment and rehabilitation that could be most beneficial to him. From this assessment, treatment was arranged for him to receive counselling to overcome his fears and anxieties, as well as a neurologist with regards to his brain injury. An MRI scan was also arranged for him to determine the extent of his brain injury.


Serious orthopaedic injury – £80,000 serious accident compensation

Mr O was at a restaurant when he fell from a raised platform. The table he was sat on was on the platform and as he was leaving, he stepped backwards and off the platform, as the table was located close to the edge.

He sustained extensive injuries to his left side, including a fracture to his elbow, a fractured hip, a fractured hip socket and a fracture to his pelvis. He had to undergo surgery to pin the hip together whilst it healed.

Due to the serious nature of his injuries, Mr O had to remain in hospital for a prolonged period of time and was referred to a residential rehabilitation centre for specialist physiotherapy to help with his recovery.

His limited mobility following the accident meant that adaptations were needed to his home to improve mobility and independence. A stair lift was installed as he was no longer able to walk up and down the stairs and a downstairs room was converted into a bedroom for him.

We fought tirelessly for Mr O and successfully negotiated a settlement of £80,000 in serious injury compensation.


Serious head injury claim – £1,334,000 damages

Mr N was 32 years old when he sustained severe brain damage following a road traffic accident whilst crossing a road. We managed to establish liability against the Defendant driver and obtained interim payments totalling £85,000 which met Mr N’s immediate financial needs and enabled him to employ a specialist Case Manager.

We involved a brain injury case manager to implement a bespoke and specialist care plan and helped with his immediate financial needs. We also negotiated an increased offer to reflect his ongoing care. His case was complicated by the fact he lived part of the time with his Mother in England and the rest of the time with his partner and son in Ireland.

Successful settlement was reached upon a total valuation of £1,334,000.


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome – £575,000 damages

Mr R was working as a maintenance engineer when he suffered a fall at work causing what were at first thought to be relatively minor injuries to his left ankle. However, his recovery was complicated by the development of a very rare condition: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. This is a disabling condition causing him to be largely wheelchair bound despite extensive treatment including the fitting of a spinal cord stimulator.

Mr R is unemployable and will require long term care, although adapted accommodation will enable him to be more independent. He received £575,000 in serious injury compensation.


Brain injury after a bus accident – £92,000 serious injury compensation

Mr M sustained injury when he struck his head on a lamppost disembarking from a bus. He was pushed from the bus and as a result hit his head against the post, the impact causing him to sustain a brain injury.

He was a minor at the time of the accident and his injuries caused cognitive problems; mainly problems with concentration and poor attention span. This affected him at school, causing problems with exams. He also suffered with ongoing headaches as a result of the accident. Alongside this, he had problems with his temper and anger management issues.

We helped him to successfully claim £92,000 in brain injury compensation.


Accident at work after falling from a height – £80,000 compensation claim

Mr L was working as a labourer on a construction site via an agency when he fell from a wall and sustained significant injuries. After the accident had occurred, Mr L was carried off site and informed attending paramedics and hospital staff that his injuries had been sustained off-site, to avoid his employer getting into trouble with the main contractor and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).  This was as a result of his foreman assuring him under a false promise that he would be “looked after”.

The accident was never documented on-site or in any accident books and the Defendants denied the accident occurred. Liability was disputed throughout and after arguing relentlessly in our client’s favour that the accident happened under the circumstances stated and not off-site, the claim settled for £80,000.


Cycling accident – £126,000 spinal injury compensation

Mr M was cycling to work when he was hit by a car. He was cycling straight over a roundabout when a car entered the roundabout and struck his back wheel. This caused him to fly into the air and land on the road near to the kerb.

In the accident Mr M sustained a fracture to one of his vertebra in his spine, as well as a bruised coccyx, whiplash and cuts and grazes. Due to the fractured vertebra, he experienced continued ongoing pain and discomfort in his back and was unable to return to his previous employment. His job involved a lot of bending and manual work that he could no longer do with his back condition.

We helped him with his serious injury claim and he received over £126,000 accident compensation.


Subtle brain injury – £45,000 serious accident compensation

Miss B was knocked over by a van in a car park. She sustained a subtle brain injury, as well as injuries to her neck and back. She was diagnosed with suffering from a mild concussive head injury and post concussive syndrome.

As a result of this, she suffered from a lowered attention span and faced difficulty when concentrating. At the time of the accident she was studying, and her brain injury impaired her studying capabilities.

With our help, she successfully claimed £45,000 in serious injury compensation.


Serious knee injury – £50,000 orthopaedic injury compensation

Mr C sustained injury to his knee when a car deliberately reversed into him after an altercation in a private carpark. He suffered a detached ligament, ruptured cartilage and a strain to one of the muscles in his knee.

As a result of these injuries, he had to undergo extensive surgery to repair the damage in his knee. He could not weight bear and had to wear a knee brace for a considerable amount of time following the accident, reducing his ability to return to work.

We helped him to successfully claim £50,000 in serious injury compensation.


Fatal accident compensation claim – £12,500 settlement

Mr G was tragically involved in a fatal accident when he was riding a motorbike and collided with a car. The accident happened in daylight, when a car (which was parked in a layby on the same side of the road that Mr G was travelling), pulled out and attempted to perform a U-turn on the road. Mr G hit the side of the car and sadly died almost instantly from his injuries.

At the time of the accident, Mr G was unemployed, although he had previously trained and worked as a mechanic. He did not have a wife or children at the time.

The Defendant evaded prosecution for any motoring offences and denied liability for the accident. Despite this, we fought tirelessly to obtain compensation for Mr G’s mother.

After an initial offer of £8,500 was made by the Defendants and further negotiations, we successfully claimed £12,500 fatal accident compensation, which included items of loss for funeral expenses, as well as a modest dependency claim for his mother.


PTSD – £450,000 damages

Mr B sustained chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following an incident whilst serving as a soldier in the British Army in which he lost consciousness whilst attempting to save the life of a colleague (who subsequently died) in a fire which was caused as a result of the negligence of his employer. Mr B only became aware of information which led him to believe his employer was at fault some 3.5 years following the fire. He contacted Managing Director, Alastair Fernie, having been recommended to do so by another colleague caught up in the fire.

The MOD sought to defend the claim upon the basis that it was statute barred. The matter proceeded to a trial on the preliminary issue of limitation which was won. There then followed a lengthy period in which interim payments were sought and extensive enquiries were made in order to eventually identify a suitable treating Consultant Psychiatrist and Occupational Therapist who were both willing and able to provide Mr B with the treatment and support he needed in order to gain control over his traumatic symptoms including numerous suicide attempts.

Attention was then given to the difficult issue of providing Mr B with appropriate support in attempting to return to work and an experienced Vocational Psychologist was instructed to provide treatment.

The matter was settled at a Joint Settlement in the sum of £450,000, the defendant’s previous best offer having been £200,000.


Serious brain injury – £1,800,000 damages

Our client was run over and suffered a serious brain injury. We arranged for a specialist case manager, adapted accommodation and a team of carers in order that she and her husband can live as fulfilling a life as possible.


Head injury – £20,000 compensation

Mr I was walking along a stretch of road when a sign fell from above a store and struck him on the head and shoulder and knocked him unconscious. The sign fell as the fixings had rotted away and left it unstable.

As a result, Mr I suffered from problems with his memory, as well as ongoing headaches and episodes of blackouts. Due to these injuries, CFG fought on his behalf for personal injury compensation and he received £20,000.


Amputation – £534,000 damages

Mrs D suffered a twisting injury to her left ankle as a result of stepping in a pot hole whilst she was exercising a right of way over the Defendant’s land. After an initial denial of liability, the first firm of solicitors instructed to act on behalf of the Defendants offered to deal with liability on a 50/50 basis before accepting our own Part 36 offer of 75/25 in Mrs D’s favour.

Shortly after receiving the initial medical evidence the Defendants made a P36 offer to settle at £15,000 but we advised her to reject the same because her injury had not stabilised. In fact she subsequently underwent several unsuccessful operations but the condition of her injured ankle deteriorated until she was told that she required amputation.

We negotiated a more appropriate settlement to reflect her injuries and needs at £534,000.


Pedestrian accident – £102,500 head injury compensation

Mr C was a struck by a car when he was using a pelican crossing to cross a road. The car went through the red light and hit Mr C, causing him to sustain a mild head injury, as well injuries to his neck, and a fractured shoulder.

He also developed tinnitus, as well as psychological injuries. He was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome, which caused him to have ongoing headaches.

These ongoing problems and discomfort greatly reduced his quality of life, and as such he was awarded £102,500 in serious injury compensation.


Shoulder injury – £115,000 orthopaedic claim

Mr C sustained injury when a car reversed off a driveway and collided with him. The driveway was located in a cul-de-sac and the car reversed from a driveway onto the road and hit our client who was crossing.

He sustained an injury to his right shoulder which required surgery to insert metal rods to keep the shoulder stable. As a result of these injuries he had extremely reduced mobility in his arm and shoulder and could no longer lift his arm above elbow height.

After extensive physiotherapy he regained some limited mobility in his arm; however other loss of movement in his arm is permanent.

Due to this permanent damage to his arm and the lack of mobility, Mr C successfully claimed £115,000 for his orthopaedic injury claim.


Serious head injury – £2,900,000 damages

Our client suffered a serious head injury after a road accident. Mr M was riding his motorcycle along a road when a car pulled out of a side road in front of him. He tried to avoid colliding with the car by swerving to the side. As a result he collided with the side of the car, as well as sliding across the road and colliding with a wall twice.

His case had previously been rejected by another firm due to chances of success. However, we secured interim payments of £350,000 to allow for adapted accommodation and a team of care workers to support his medical needs.

The claim settled for the equivalent of £2.9 million serious injury compensation.


Highway trip – £20,000 chronic pain compensation

Mrs C tripped on a raised flagstone as she was walking along a pavement. She fell forward onto the pavement with her hands outstretched. She sustained injury to her right shoulder, left arm and lower back. She developed ongoing problems following her accident, including feelings of dizziness and nausea, as well as ongoing pain and discomfort.

Along with the feelings of nausea and dizziness, she also experienced tinnitus which medical professionals could not diagnose and find cause for. Her neck and shoulder continued to be painful and she experienced nausea on a daily basis.

We got a referral for Mrs C to see a pain specialist to help with her symptoms and the management of these and helped her to claim £20,000 in chronic pain compensation.


Cycling accident – £35,000 brain injury claim

Mr P was cycling on a roundabout when a car emerged and hit him. He was thrown into the air and struck the back of his head onto the road. He sustained a mild brain injury and bleeding on the brain.

As a result of this he experienced severe ongoing headaches, as well as dizziness and problems with his balance. He also lost his sense of smell and taste and the hearing in one of his ears. He experiences poor concentration following the accident.

We successfully helped him to claim £35,000 in car accident compensation.


Broken leg compensation – £32,500 claim

Mrs G received £32,500 after she sustained injury when a car drove into her in a supermarket car park. She was returning an empty trolley to a shelter and when she exited the shelter she was struck by a car and injured her right leg.

She broke her knee joint in the accident and also sustained two fractures to her shin. As a result of these injuries she had to undergo surgery, including a knee replacement.

As a result of this, she now has trouble walking and driving any distances, as well as kneeling down. Her knee will never recover completely from her injuries.


Pedestrian accident – £25,000 brain injury compensation

Mr T was a pedestrian crossing a road when he was struck by a car. Prior to the accident he was suffering with vascular dementia. The injuries he sustained in the accident caused acceleration in his dementia and his symptoms became increasingly worse in a short period of time.

He also sustained serious orthopaedic injuries. We successfully helped him to claim £25,000 in serious injury compensation.


Accident at work – £42,000 orthopaedic injury compensation

Mr D was injured in an accident at work whilst working as a caretaker at a secondary school. He was moving lockers from one location of the school to another and climbed onto the back of a trailer to keep them steady whilst they were pulled by a golf buggy. The lockers dislodged and fell onto our client, causing him to lose his balance and fall from the trailer.

He sustained a fracture to his knee cap and over the top of his foot in the fall, as well as ligament and tendon damage to his knee. Due to these injuries he had difficulties with mobility and could not easily move around. This stopped him from returning to work for a long period of time.

We successfully negotiated £42,000 in orthopaedic injury compensation on his behalf.


Passenger accident – £70,000 accident compensation

Mrs L was a passenger on a bus which collided into the rear of another vehicle. The driver of the bus braked harshly just before the impact causing our client, who had stood up to disembark from the bus, to fall towards the back of the bus down the aisle. This resulted in her banging her head, back, legs, shoulder and stomach on the floor.

She sustained a fracture to her spinal and also a disc protrusion as a result of the trauma. Her injuries resulted in her being unable to return to work as a house keeper.


Ankle injury resulting in psychological injury – £16,000 compensation

Mrs F slipped in a supermarket and sustained injury to her left leg and ankle. She slipped due to yoghurt on the floor from a split pot. She sustained a fracture to her left ankle. This fracture resulted in her having limited mobility, which caused Mrs F to have a psychological reaction, developing feelings of anger and frustration.

These feelings developed as she went from being a very active person to having very limited mobility and being unable to return to her previous employment. The stress of being unable to undertake tasks around the house and returning to work caused anxiety and resulted in the development of panic attacks. She also developed mood swings and was unable to control her mood following the accident.

She was referred to counsellors and psychiatrist in order to try and alleviate these symptoms and get her life back on track.

We helped her to claim £16,000 in psychological injury compensation.


Accident at work – £20,000 chronic pain compensation

Mrs C was involved in an accident at work when she slipped on water on marble stairs. She slipped backwards whilst carrying a tray of cups and dishes and the stairs caught her in her back. She sustained injury to her back and wrist, which cause her to experience ongoing pain and discomfort.

A psychiatrist instructed by us diagnosed her with chronic pain syndrome. We arranged for her to undergo pain management treatment and physiotherapy to help to alleviate the problems she was facing and teach her ways to deal with the pain she experienced daily.

We helped her to claim £20,000 in chronic pain compensation.


Working successfully alongside Defendant Solicitors

In a recent claim successfully settled for one of our clients by Natasha Ulph, CFG Law had the unusual accolade of being commended by the Defendant’s solicitor. The legal team for the other side commented that it had been “… a pleasure working with you {Natasha} to resolve this case as early as we did…” The Partner from the Defendant firm went on to say “I hope it is not too long before we have another case together.”

Whilst we at CFG Law always do our utmost to obtain the best settlement for our clients, we do so with courtesy and the highest level of professionalism; knowing this is the approach that yields the best outcomes for our clients and rightly enhances the public’s view of justice and the legal system. As our Head of Legal Quentin Underhill commented, a compliment of this nature “is very rare!” and “demonstrates what good work” was done on the case.

Our client clearly benefitted from a rapid and fair resolution and payment of their compensation.

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