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Spinal cord injured client achieves his goal of returning to adrenaline sports

SCI client achieves his goal of returning to adrenaline sports

This blog is taken from our case study ‘Spinal cord injured client achieves his goal of returning to adrenaline sports’. Download the full guide here >

About the accident

Kevin suffered a T12 spinal cord injury in a road traffic collision in 2016. Kevin was ejected from his vehicle when a van collided with the rear of his van, pushing him into oncoming traffic.

While his injuries were life changing, Kevin was determined they weren’t going to stop him living an independent and fulfilling life.

The challenges faced by Kevin

Kevin instructed CFG Law when he was still in the hospital. There were concerns about where he would be discharged to and the appropriate rehabilitation setting for his needs.

Kevin’s partner was also struggling with the journey to visit him in the hospital due to the distance from home and issues with her car.

Upon discharge from the hospital, Kevin had complex needs and initially required high levels of personal care and rehabilitation. He was also very eager to return to his pre-accident adrenaline sports and hobbies.

How CFG Law helped with these challenges

Our Client Support Managers assisted immediately with Kevin’s care, using their experience to coordinate his initial transfer to a specialist spinal unit.

We provided funding for travel expenses for Kevin’s partner to visit him in the hospital, as well as assisting with weekend hotel visits for him and his partner whilst he was still in hospital.

We implemented a comprehensive rehabilitation and support plan with the sole aim of improving Kevin’s independence and quality of life post-accident. This included adaptation of a suitable property (including a hydrotherapy pool), mobility aids and a specialist wheelchair, physiotherapy and counselling.

We also put in place a care package which initially surrounded high levels of personal care. However, through intensive rehabilitation and the provision of suitable accommodation and aids and equipment, the needs changes to provide more support to Kevin in accessing the community and participating in his pre-accident adrenaline sports and hobbies.

How CFG Law helped with these challenges

A huge part of Kevin’s life pre-accident was in relation to adrenaline sports and his love of riding his motorbike. The claims process helped him to acquire a bespoke trike that has a specially adapted seat that allows Kevin to ride it solo, as well as the added bonus of extra seats to take friends and family for a ride!

As well as taking rides on his trike, Kevin has succeeded in getting back on two wheels thanks to a track day at Silverstone and has also tried skiing and quad biking. He is also eager to explore opportunities for skydiving and scuba diving in the not too distant future.

Kevin was also determined to purchase an Exoskeleton to help him to stand. After trialling several models, Kevin decided on the Indigo. He took delivery of it four days before he was due to be married and practised and practised so he could use it to stand at his wedding.

The results and outcome

As part of the claims process, our solicitors secured interim payments throughout the process totalling £765k. This was achieved by fully utilising the Serious Injury Guide and working with the Defendant’s insurers to agree on recommended treatment and rehabilitation. This was achieved without disclosing any medical reports.

A full settlement was agreed at a Joint Settlement Meeting in May 2018, with Kevin securing damages of £5.3m.

The settlement was achieved to coincide with the second anniversary of Kevin’s accident and without the need to issue court proceedings.

Comment from Polly Herbert

“The success of a case isn't measured by money; it is about allowing someone to fulfil their potential and helping support them to achieve their own personal goals. Kevin was definitely one of the most challenging clients as he set himself hard rehabilitation goals, but it was his determination that made sure we all worked our hardest to deliver all the support he needed.”


Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

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