Client stories

Below are some recent client stories detailing how we have helped clients.  Our focus is on helping clients to gain access to the diagnosis, treatment and support they need from day one, as well as helping to establish any ongoing problems they are experiencing and helped to alleviate these.

Serious brain injury – Accident at work

Our client suffered a severe brain injury and injuries to his arm and neck after an accident at work which knocked him unconscious.

Following the accident, he continued to experience ongoing headaches, anxiety, light sensitivity and mood changes.  On discharge, he had ongoing Physiotherapy in place, but no further provisions.

We, therefore, arranged a private appointment with a Neurologist and a Neuropsychiatrist to assess him.  He was diagnosed with a severe brain injury and at risk of developing post-traumatic Epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease.

We helped fund treatment by a Neuropsychiatrist and helped him access a very specialist Neuro-rehabilitation service to continue with a recommended treatment plan.

Head injury claim – Accident at work

Our client sustained a head injury in an accident at work.  Before instructing CFG Law, she had attended hospital on numerous occasions as she started to experience worsening symptoms, including speech problems, nausea, fatigue and severe headaches as well as experiencing problems with her balance, concentration and coordination.  Eventually, she was placed on a 7-8 month waiting list to see a Neurologist.

The combination of her symptoms was also having a severe emotional impact.  She became increasingly distressed and depressed in relation to her injuries and was having trouble returning to work and interacting with colleagues and customers.  She then instructed us to assist and her need for immediate assessment and treatment was, therefore, paramount.

Despite the fact that discussions in relation to liability were still ongoing, we intervened and paid for her to see a Neurologist, Ophthalmologist and undergo a brain scan.  From these assessments, we coordinated a rehabilitation plan and funded private Neuropsychology, Neuro-physiotherapy and SALT (Speech and Language Therapy) to enable her to access the treatment and rehabilitation she requires.

Serious head injury - Criminal injuries claim

Our client was a victim of a vicious attack and robbery where a young man hit him across the back of the head with a brick and knocked him unconscious.  The perpetrator was later arrested and pleaded guilty to attempted murder at a hearing.

In the attack, our client sustained a serious head injury which has left him with severe ongoing symptoms including significant cognitive problems, problems with mobility and coordination, anxiety, personality changes and depression.  He is receiving treatment from a community Neurotherapy team, including Occupational Therapists, Neuropsychologists and Neuro-physiotherapists.

He is no longer able to continue with his previous employment and fears for the future life of himself and his young family.  This case is progressing through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, and as such, accessing funding is more difficult.

Therefore, we worked with Headway to provide practical advice on what benefits the family may be able to claim and what other support is available to help the family moving forward. We also organised access to emergency funding for the family to try and alleviate some of the financial strain put on them since the attack.

His solicitor also helped with other ongoing support, including helping to organise and liaise with a removal company in order to facilitate a less stressful move to a newly allocated council house, so that our client and his family could settle more quickly.

How we can help

At CFG Law, we understand the effects that head and brain injuries can have on people’s lives, as well as the lives of their loved ones.  We’ve helped many people to claim compensation after a head injury, not only to compensate them for their injuries but also to help gain access to early treatment and support to improve recovery outcomes.

We have a dedicated team of brain injury solicitors with many years of experience.  Speak to one of our team today for free advice on making a brain injury compensation claim.  Our helpline is available 24 hours a day on 0800 612 8196.  All enquires are completely free with no obligation.