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What can a farm accident compensation claim help fund?

There are lots of different things that a farm accident compensation claim can fund, above and beyond compensating you for the injury itself. Here are just some of the things that you can claim for after a farm accident:

  • Any loss of earnings due to you being unable to work or unable to return to your previous job.
  • Help to pay off any debts you may have accrued since your injury as a result of paying for specialist treatment, or because of a loss of earnings.
  • Travel costs, such as taxis, fuel and parking to attend hospital or therapy appointments.
  • Treatment, support and rehabilitation to assist with your recovery.
  • Counselling input to help to address any psychological symptoms you may have experienced as a result of your injuries.
  • Private surgery costs or to fund ongoing treatment.
  • To make adaptations and alterations to your home to improve your mobility or pay for a more appropriate home.
  • Purchase and maintain any mobility aids you may need now or in the future.
  • Vocational support to help you return to work or enjoy your previous hobbies.

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