Our experienced and expert serious injury team are one hundred percent dedicated to our clients.

    Matthew Gardner, Solicitor

    Ryan Sinner, Associate Solicitor

    Matthew is a Solicitor at CFG Law with 6 years’ experience in personal injury.

    Matthew combines a genuine want to help people with an honest attitude to ensure a first-rate service for his clients.

    He understands that treatment and rehabilitation are paramount when helping people with life-changing injuries and should never be an afterthought to the claims process, but run in parallel with it.

    Matthew has raised money for several charities by participating in various events.

    • Offering a listening ear to clients and giving them someone to talk to when things may be difficult.
    • Analytical approach and careful consideration of all aspects of the claims process to get the very best result.
    • Breaking down any legal barriers so clients can easily understand the process and what is happening in their claim.
    • Having the ability to help people and make a difference in their circumstances.
    • The firms attitude towards rehabilitation and making this an equal priority in the case to the legal process.
    • The welcoming working environment and friendly colleagues.
    • Evolving new technologies to improve the lives of seriously injured people.
    • Developing a greater understanding of the long-term financial requirements of the severely injured.
    • Travelling and exploring the World.

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