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What is Universal Credit?

CFG Law | 11 September 2019

After a serious injury, claiming benefits can help alleviate financial problems. In this article, we answer what Universal Credit is, and how to apply.

Advice for family of a recent TBI survivor

Michelle Munt | 4 September 2019

One of the most distressing parts of this scenario is how the brain injury survivor can lash out so much at their loved ones. In this article, Michelle Munt provides advice for family members of a recent TBI survivor.

Fatigue and coping strategies after a brain injury

Brooke Trotter | 28 August 2019

After head trauma, it is very likely that you will suffer from some level of fatigue or tiredness called ‘cognitive fatigue’, this is different from physical fatigue felt after exercise. Read Brooke Trotter's blog on fatigue and coping strategies after a brain injury

Life after a Brain Injury - Breakdown of relationships

Michelle Munt | 21 August 2019

In this article, Michelle Munt discusses the break down of relationships after sustaining a brain injury. "Most brain injury survivors that I have spoken to have had relationships with friends and family breakdown after their injury"

What is an MRI scan?

CFG Law | 12 August 2019

MRI scans build up images of the insides of our bodies, to check what is happening. Find out more about what happens during an MRI scan in this article.

Managing fatigue after brain injury

CFG Law | 25 June 2019

Fatigue is one of the most common side effects of brain injury. Here we look into the lesser-known facts about fatigue and how you can better manage it during your brain injury recovery.

Proving your brain injury

Michelle Munt | 21 June 2019

When you are trying to find the right support following a brain injury, it can be a bit like jumping through hoops. In this blog, Michelle Munt details her experience and frustration with trying to prove her brain injury.

Meet CFG Law’s latest guest writer: Michelle Munt

Michelle Munt | 24 May 2019

Michelle Munt sustained a traumatic brain injury in 2014. She is now heavily involved in supporting those affected by injury to help them manage better the challenges she was faced with following her accident. Read Michelle’s story.

Denial after a Brain Injury

Brooke Trotter | 25 April 2019

Accepting change in your life after a Brain Injury can be tough. In this blog, find out how Brook Trotter struggled to come to terms with his Brain Injury.

How much care can I get on the NHS?

CFG Law | 8 April 2019

The NHS offers help to people with substantial care needs through its Continuing Healthcare scheme - but it's not available to all patients. Read our blog to find out who is eligible for NHS care, and how much help you can get.

Improving memory after a brain injury: Talk to yourself

Brooke Trotter | 20 February 2019

The tendency to lose your focus and have your thoughts wander off becomes much worse after a brain injury. Thoughts become like slippery eels that you cannot keep hold of, but a good way to keep hold of those eels is by talking out loud to yourself. Read Brookes blog on improving memory after a brain injury

Brain injury and depression: New life's resolution

Brooke Trotter | 21 January 2019

After a brain injury, it is very easy to fall into depression. I stopped looking after myself, my hair was untidy, I put weight on and I stopped looking after my skin - Read how Brooke Trotter used exercise to combat the signs of depression.

10 Things to Expect After A Brain Injury

Brooke Trotter | 17 December 2018

The recovery time can vary from a few months to a few years, depending on the severity of the brain injury sustained. Some injuries result in life-altering conditions that not only affect the individual but their family and friends too. Read Brooke's list of 10 things to expect after a brain injury.

Introducing Brooke Trotter

Brooke Trotter | 6 December 2018

Brooke was a pedestrian involved in a road traffic collision in May 2007, which left him with a severe traumatic brain injury.


CFG Law | 14 May 2018

Headways Action for Brain Injury Week 2018, is a week-long awareness raising event to increase understanding of the effects of a brain injury.

Brain injury and fatigue

CFG Law | 6 June 2017

Research looks at the link between fatigue and brain injury. CFG Law are specialist brain injury compensation solicitors. Legal 500 recommended.

Spinal cord injuries in the UK

CFG Law | 19 May 2017

CFG Law specialist spinal cord injury solicitors. Over 30 years' experience helping people after serious, life-changing injuries. Call 0800 612 8196.

About Traumatic Brain Injuries

CFG Law | 10 May 2017

It's Action for Brain Injury Week 2017. CFG Law expert brain injury compensation solicitors have put together information about traumatic brain injuries.

About the human brain

CFG Law | 21 March 2017

Want to learn more about the human brain this Brain Awareness Week? CFG Law are specialist brain injury compensation solicitors. Call 0800 612 8196.

About spinal injuries

CFG Law | 15 December 2016

About Spinal Injuries - In the UK, around 2,500 people are left paralysed after a spinal injury each year and there are around 50,000 people currently living with a spinal cord injury.

EcoHelmet to keep your head safe!

CFG Law | 13 December 2016

The new EcoHelmet folds down small and is low cost and recyclable. CFG Law are specialist head injury solicitors who advocate wearing a helmet when cycling.

Guide to CICA applications

CFG Law | 19 August 2016

CFG Law expert CICA compensation solicitors. We can help if you have been injured in a violent attack. Call us FREE on 0800 612 8196.

About coroners and inquests

CFG Law | 4 August 2016

CFG Law specialist serious injury solicitors with experience in fatal accident compensation. We can provide support at inquests to you and your family.

About chronic pain

CFG Law | 24 March 2016

CFG Law specialist serious injury solicitors. Many years experience helping people suffering with chronic pain. Early access to treatment and support.

About brain injury

CFG Law | 18 March 2016

Some useful information on brain injuries and what to expect after a loved one has suffered a TBI.

PTSD awareness: the basics

CFG Law | 3 November 2015

CFG Law specialist Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder claims solicitors. Access to early treatment and support. Call us today on 0800 612 8196.

Post-Traumatic Reactions

CFG Law | 6 October 2015

CFG Law are specialist psychological injury claims solicitors. Over 30 years experience helping clients gain access to specialist care and treatment.

The dangers of concussion in rugby

CFG Law | 25 September 2015

Rugby is an inherently dangerous game, with the risks of sustained a head injury and concussion. CFG Law are specialist head injury compensation solicitors.

Effects of a brain injury

CFG Law | 17 September 2015

CFG Law specialist brain injury compensation solicitors. Supporting you and your family after a brain injury. Early access to treatment and support.

Brain injuries in children

CFG Law | 16 September 2015

A brain injury can have a huge impact no matter your age. CFG Law are specialist brain injury compensation solicitors. Over 30 years' experience.

Where to get help for PTSD

CFG Law | 9 September 2015

If you are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder it is important to gain access to the help and support you need. Call CFG Law today 0800 612 8196.

Fibromyalgia: the basics

CFG Law | 10 August 2015

CFG Law specialist serious injury solicitors with over 30 years experience. Expert Fibromyalgia compensation lawyers. Early access to treatment and support.

Top tips to ease chronic pain

CFG Law | 10 July 2015

CFG Law are specialist serious injury solicitors with experience in chronic pain claims. Speak to us today on 0800 612 8196 to see how we could help you.

A guide to severe head injury

CFG Law | 26 May 2015

What is a severe head injury and how can you recognise the symptoms and effects? Find our more in our informative 'Guide to Severe Head Injury' infographic.

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